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"Fox and Rat" has hit the radio air waves when the creators of the series dedicated the New Kids On The Block song "Step By Step" to their friend, and season 4 reviewer, Jenny. The DJ said: "From Fox And Rat to Jenny... oooh. This is bad." And then did not play our dedicated song. It was... "bad". Playing that song would have been epic so... we're posting it below. And we're so not sorry for this! Seriously, listen to it, it's aged well!

*waves* HI JENNY!


Season One

1x02 "Lucky Charms vs. Cheerios" was the first written episode of "Fox & Rat".

1x06 "The Fish" was the first episode Cassie wrote on her own, and it wasn't in script form.

1x12 "The Karoke Bar" was written after an all day marathon of "Harsh Realm", "Super Girl" and "Son In-Law". The Rice Crispy 'stunt' that Krycek did was inspired by an actual commercial advertising Rice Crispy Treats.

The writers thought the season one finale, 1x13 "The Cruise", was long.

Season Two

Cassie and Kristi had Ground Rules to their apartment.

2x08 "Bluhp! Bluhp!" was inspired by a fanfic challenge on The X-Files Official Forum back in 2000 about writing a story from the POV of a minor character. Cassie decided to write a FRVS story from the POV of Mulder's pet fish and what they witnessed in his apartment while he and Krycek are out.

In 2x11 "The Camping Trip" Ranger Jeremy is named after one of Cassie's best friends from high school. He loves the outdoors and during summers he helps his family run a camp in Northeastern Wisconsin. It was only appropriate to have him show up in thie episode to aid Mulder, Krycek and Marita when Mulder fell through ice.

2x18 "Flight 194" was originally titled "Nosce Te Ipsum".

Scully's dream in "Flight 194" features someone named John, this was the first reference to John Montgomery, along with Jill McLeod Montgomery, even though the writer's didn't know it at the time.

Jill McLeod was named for FRVS writer Jill!

Season Three

3x04 "The Pointless Game" was submitted by a reader (from the infamous X-Files fan discussion forum, Haven) who was inspired to write a story in the style of FRVS.

3x05 "The Website" was written to bring our readers attention to Fox & Alex Build A Website - where FRVS (originally known as "The Adventures of Mulder and Krycek") originated from.

3x09 "The Almost Perfect Night" was the episode that marked Cassie's transition from Skinner/Scully romance to Doggett/Scully romance. DSR became Cassie's pairing of choice.

3x14 "Super Buddies" was the first episode inspired by reader feedback/suggestion. Ratgirl suggested making an adventure group so Mulder and Krycek could take their friends on fun trips.

3x18 "Fight For Silence" was inspired by a thread on Haven Spoiler Board in which Theef and MF Luder beat a virtual vaccuum cleaner.

3x23 "Mowing The Snow" was Cassie and Kristi's first attempt at writing out of script form. This episode was written this way to break a bad case of Writer's Block.

Cassie and Kristi wrote 3x26 "Road Trip" while listening to Celine Dion the entire time. It's no wonder the whole cast was killed at the end.

Season Four

We hit writer's block after writing the finale of season 3, we were almost sure season 4 wasn't going to happen, and that maybe FRVS would end. This also happens to be our least favorite season. Sometimes, we contemplate removing season 4 from this website completely. We apologize for season 4.

4x02 "Fences, Chains and Roses" was written to assure readers that the group was not dead in the run of the series.

4x14 "The Project" is the first episode to feature Scully's ex-husband, John Montgomery.

4x15 "Olympic Dreams Can Come True" was written to poke fun at the writers' love for the Olympic Games. Like Monica in the episode, Cassie and Kristi record as much of each Olympic Games as possible. The episode encouraged some FRVS readers to admit to having crushes on Bob Costas, just like Monica!

Season Five

5x02 "Road Trip 3: The Long Walk Home" features the first ever FRVS Public Service Announcement about practicing safe sex. This was inspired by the immature decisions of a friend.

5x23 "The 23rd Episode in the 11th Slot" was the second episode written due to reader feedback. The name came about because we had no idea what else to call it. (it was the last episode written for the season and was written to take place mid-season).

5x13 "Saturday" was the last episode to feature the Magazine Girls. (as of season six)

5x14 "A Christmas To Remember" is dedicated to Sara, Rob, and Avery.

The beginning of 5x17 "When All Is Said And Done" was written before 5x16 "The Vegas Stip" was finished.

5x19 "A 'Traditional' Valentine's Day" is the first time John kisses Monica when he's sober.

5x22 "British Airways Flight 329" features Brad's middle name as "Wesley", this was done because of Cary Elwes' character name in the 1987 film "The Princess Bride".

European Voyage

The writers didn't realize that 6x00 "European Voyage" was the 100th episode of the series until a few months before it aired. This made for great promotion.

Chucking sugar cubes out the window at a drunk Parisien was something that one of the writers took part in on a school trip to Paris in 1994 (someone's dirty underwear was also chucked out the window on said trip).

Season Six

Krycek's movie in 6x01 "Robot 2000" is an actual film idea developed by Kristi, who hopes to one day film it.

6x02 "Fox & Alex's Evening of Fun" was inspired by the actual event of Cassie and Kristi being ripped off by a pizza delivery guy. Needless to say, they didn't drive around town trying to find the guy.

6x03 "A Jammed Door" was inspired by the loud neighbours that lived above Cassie and Kristi.

6x07 "Destiny's Choice" was going to be a season four episode, but didn't get developed in time.

6x16 "The Burden of Intuition" was written to Celine Dion and features a character from "Without A Trace". This is also the first serious case file where an agent got suspended.

6x15 "El Rehén" took over a year to write and the character Carlos Reyes was inspired by Quentin Tarantino's character, Richard Gecko, from "From Dusk Till Dawn".

6x21 "Sleepless In D.C." is the first time we meet Marita's twin sister, Maria.

6x23 "advocatus diaboli" was in the planning/semi-written one year before it aired.

Season Seven

The story arc for season seven was in the works long before season five was halfway through.

7x02 "RT-7915-3" is titled after an old address of Cassie and Kristi's when they lived in Saudi Arabia. "RT" stands for Ras Tanura. "7915-3" is the house number they lived in.

7x04 "GDI: Garbage Dump Investigators" proves that Mulder and Krycek can goof off and be serious on a case at the same time.

7x20 "Strip Blood" is Gothic Spooks' first episode in "Fox & Rat".

7x23 "The Truth About Rat's & Lies", the title for the episode came long before the episode idea.

The season finale wasn't supposed to be a two-parter, it just happened that way with a totally different idea than what was originally planned.

Season Eight

8x01 "The Last Heart" is one of the rare episodes that deals with a casefile from "The X-Files" television series ("Paper Hearts" and the Luke Doggett arc).

8x02 "Unrest" is the first reference of Scott Williams stalking Scully. He calls her and doesn't say anything, just breaths into the telephone. This is also the episode where Monica and Brad's troubles begin with their differences about the medication Monica has to take.

The idea for 8x06 "Close To You" was developed in 1998 and was never intended to be part of the "Fox & Rat" series. The character Dr. Galbrecht is named after Kristi's criminal justice professors. He has helped with technical information about investigating and police work in past episodes of the series.

Knowle's confession of his feelings for Monica in 8x07 "Krycek-Cam" wrote itself sooner than it should have. The writer's were going to deal with the Knowle/Monica UST later in the series.

Brad and Monica were originally supposed to get married in 8x11 "What We Used To Know" and 8x12 "Moving Forward". Instead, the story once again wrote itself and the result of them not getting married made for interesting character developments.

8x16 "Superstar Super Buddies" is Emma's first time writing fanfic, and her first episode of FRVS. Emma named the character Greg after her father, the character Vicki was named after a friend from work (who in the mind of the writer, went on to win Idol), and Annie is named after Emma's mother. Bringing Agent Pendrell into the episode was Em's way of keeping him alive, after all, she is the Keeper of Pendrell on The X-Files Official Site.

The "Stranded" Trilogy (8x17, 8x18, 8x19) was originally intended to be a two-parter in season 3 where a boat sunk, leaving our heroes stranded on the deserted island. It was to be a spoof of "Gilligan's Island". The trilogy is also known as "FRost" in the FRVS fandom, meaning "Fox & Rat-Lost". This was coined by Emma Keturah, the reviewer for the trilogy. Despite the nickname "FRost" this episode was not inspired by the LOST TV series.

In 8x19 "Stranded III", the Cigarette-Smoking Man is revealed to be alive. The irony of this is that Kristi (the writer) was claiming without a doubt that the Smoking Man was in fact dead after season seven's "Super Buddies Without A Cause" (7x17).

8x20 "The Second Friday" is titled to reference Samuel DeWitt's words from 8x10 "Poodle In A Puddle": "You’re past will meet up with you on the second Friday in the second month of the new year. You should be prepared for it."

8x22 "Keep Your Enemies Closer" is the first time we suspect Knowle does more in the government than he says. This is also the first time we meet his father, Gary, and see a softer side to the tough guy. This episode is also the first episode where former Marines start to get called to active duty in preparation for Alien Colonization.

Skinner is the second Marine to get called to active duty in 8x23 "A Dozen Roses", and this is finally when he and Scully settle their differences.

8x25 "Semper Fi" is the first season finale Cassie has written alone. Though an avid Doggett/Scully relationship fan, she found it extremely fun to split the two apart.

If We Could Re-Cast FRVS

Fox Mulder
(Gilligan, Gilligan's Island)

Alex Krycek
(Cole Aaronson, Scrubs - season 9)




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