"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Nine

9x07 "Dharb al Najem"Title: "Dharb al Najem"
Written by: Kristi
Date: September 6; October 8-9, 2006
Air Date: January 29, 2007
Rating: PG-13
Series: FRVS - Episode #180
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Summary: John Montgomery reflects back to a time in his past as he seeks shelter at the Strughold Research Facility in New York.

PREVIOUSLY ON “FOX & RAT”: Monica is given a strange rock with peculiar markings from her Grandmama before she dies. Grandmama tells her it is the key and holds power. Twelve years ago, the Cigarette-Smoking Man sabotaged a secret government project known as the Subversion Project that was stationed on a deserted island in the Atlantic, where our heroes became stranded on many months ago. Knowle, Skinner and Scully have found another survivor in need of their help, but things turn wrong when the survivor, Henry Gibbs, goes to show something to Scully by a creek. Scully has been taken by aliens and no one knows where she is...



OCTOBER 12, 2006


The walls are not clean and white. Florescent lights flicker and hum. Condensation has built up on the walls, and drip from the ceiling. The Facility has been destroyed by alien attacks and has not functioned in many months.

The door to the office is pushed open, moving debris out of the way. John Montgomery enters. He’s not clean cut any more. He’s not dressed in clean clothes. This alien war has taken its toll on him too. His face is scruffy with facial hair, but not a beard, he shaves when he can.

He walks into the room and moves things out of his path. He is not shocked to see this facility destroyed. The aliens have wanted to do that since before the Cigarette-Smoking Man died. But why now? This facility was surely abandoned before the aliens even made their first wave of attacks. All Syndicate members were making their way to a northern ice headquarters for safety. A lot of good that did them, Montgomery has just returned from that headquarters. The only thing he found there was death and the memory of an alien attack.

He makes his way through the room, opening cabinet doors, looking for something. He’s been looking for it for many years. It must be here, he’s looked everywhere else. Perhaps that’s why the aliens attacked this place. They are looking for the same thing. After all, what he’s looking for could quite possibly be the key the human survival.

He sits down to think and pulls out a rock from his duffle bag. A rock similar to the one Grandmama Reyes gave to Monica before she passed away. However, the rock he has is larger in size than the one Monica was given. He looks down at the markings. Even he doesn’t understand what they mean, or what this artifact is even for. It's been mystery to him for many years...




APRIL 8, 1984

A man, Shafiq Al-Aziz, stands outside his desert tent and looks out to the deep orange Arabian sunrise over the Dahna Desert, just northeast of Riyadh. He brings a small brass coffee cup up to his lips and drinks.

MAN (O.S.)
Shoof! Shoof!
(Look! Look)

Shafiq looks in the direction of the geologist causing the commotion. He carefully sets his brass cup down and tosses his gutra carelessly onto his head as he makes his way out towards the man.

Many of the geologist have crowded around a small opening in the ground. Shafiq makes his way through the crowd, excusing himself politely.

Law sa-maht...
(Excuse me...)

The other men move out of his way.

(to man)
(What’s the matter?)


The man points down into a newly discovered underground cave. The drop must be at least 100 meters down. No one has ever been down in this cave before. No light can reach the depths. The man hands Shafiq a flashlight. Shafiq points it down into the deep cave.

The light hits a rock, light in color. Shafiq squints his eyes to get a clearer look. This is no ordinary rock, it appears to look nothing like a rock one would find in a cave. No water damage, no trace of time.

Ya sa-lehm!

He stands up and faces the others.

Wal-laa-hee, mum-kin...
(Honest to God, it is possible...)

Hum-ma u-ray-yib?
(They are near?)

Shafiq shakes his head. He’s not sure what to think of this find. He’s heard the stories, the myths from long ago, but they can’t be truth. Life from other planets coming to Earth? It’s impossible, but the rock down below... it is not of this Earth. Maybe it is possible. He’ll have to go higher up than the Saudi Geological Society to discover what this rock could be.

Shafiq looks to the man.

‘In shaa’al-laah...
(God willing...)

He walks back to his tent, deep in his own thoughts. There is only one man he knows who can help identify this find...



John Montgomery sits on top of a camel, traveling through the moonlight of the night. He is not alone, next to him is a woman dressed in the traditional abayah and veil to cover her face. A third camel travels behind them, carrying supplies.

The desert night is cold and still, but their destination is not far. The bright lights of the Saudi Geological Society make their location well known.

They arrive and Montgomery gets off his camel, as does the woman next to him. He is approached by Shafiq.



Shafiq extends his hand to Montgomery and they shake.

Salam alaykum.

Wa alaykum as-salam.

I speak English if you prefer.
I so rarely get a chance to
practice out here.

That’s fine with me. (beat) What
can you tell me about what you found.

Shafiq leads him over to the narrow opening of the underground cave.

We call this Dharb al Najem.

“Place where the star fell to Earth.”

Yes, it must be at least
one-hundred meters in depth.

They reach the cave’s opening.

I went down, but did not touch anything.
I did not want to destroy anything that
could help you identify what we found.

What did you find?

A rock, but no ordinary one.
This rock looks like nothing else
down there. Light in color, strange
markings from what I could see.

I think I’ve seen what you
are talking about. It has
symbols that look like this?

Montgomery pulls out a piece of paper with strange symbols on it. Shafiq takes it in his hands and examines it.

They could be similar symbols. But
we have not yet gotten a better look.

I’ll need a lantern and
two flashlights.

It will be safer to go in
tomorrow morning. Even in
daylight it is cloaked in darkness.

I’ll be fine. I need to see
it myself. The sooner the better.

Shafiq nods his head. And starts to shout orders to some men standing near by.

Montgomery looks down into the dark cave and then down at the piece of paper with the strange symbols written on it. He folds the piece of paper up and puts it back in his pocket.

He looks back at where he arrived and to the woman he brought with him. Through the veil he can tell she is watching him, knowing more about this than he could ever imagine. How she knows, that is the real question.

The woman tends to the camels, but still keeps an eye on the surroundings. This place is just one of many where a star has fallen...



OCTOBER 12, 2006

Robert Comer paces the large area of the cave where he, Brad and Monica have set up camp. He continues to look out the entrance. Monica watches him, sensing his worry. Brad’s been gone longer than expected. Did he get lost? Is he hurt? Did aliens stop by and kill him?

Robert looks over at Monica.

He should’ve been back by now.

Monica nods in agreement and Comer comes over to her.

Do you know if anything happened to him?

Monica shakes her head “no”. For some reason, her psychic ability hasn’t been working.

Comer looks at the entrance again.

I know he said not to, but I
think we should go look for him.
It’s possible he got lost and God
only knows how many passageways and
drop offs this cave can have, you know?

Monica nods in agreement. Comer looks down at the rock that lights their cavern. He hesitates.

I hate to say this, but I think
we should take that with us.
Brad’s got all the flashlights
and it’ll be impossible for us
to navigate in the dark.

Monica nods and picks it up.

You want me to carry it?

Monica shakes her head. She can do it, it’s bright enough to light the way so they can both see well.

Maybe he’ll see the light
and find us, huh?

Comer smiles at her.

I’ll get the rope.

Comer runs by her and gets the rope. He comes back over and ties it through the belt loops of her jeans, then does the same to himself.

You hold on to the rock and
I’ll navigate us, all right?

Monica nods her head and they leave the area and the rock lights the cave’s passageway. Monica walks beside him, making it easier to see for both of them. They pass by a strange painting on the wall. Comer stops to look at it.

Look at that...

Monica holds the rock up to it to get a better look.

Guess we aren’t the first
people to come down here.
(beat) Either it’s cavemen
or some kind of cave tour
trying to be authentic. (beat)
What do you think?

He looks at her.


Monica shakes her head “no”.

Cave tour?

Monica nods and Comer turns his attention back to the painting.

I don’t know... we’re pretty
deep in to have it be a cave tour.
(beat) But who knows, you’re probably right.

He smiles at her.

Let’s head on this way.

He leads the way again in the hopes of finding Brad.

Comer stops when he hears a noise coming from another passageway ahead of them.

Did you hear that?

He looks at Monica and she nods her head. Fear is in her eyes. It’s dark and she’s not sure if it’s him. What if it’s a wild animal bigger than them?

Maybe it’s him.

He starts to walk ahead of her to check it out. She follows cautiously behind him. The noise comes again, sounding like a pebble hitting the ground.

Brad? Is that you?

They get no response from inside the dark passageway. Comer takes a step forward and falls, taking Monica with him. She lets go of the rock, dropping it to the ground, and lets out a scream. A few feet down and she is finally able to grab onto a part of the ledge that is sticking out. She holds on for dear life. Comer’s weight is felt as she tries not to slip. He’s not moving and remains perfectly still. He does not have a grasp on anything.

Comer looks up at her carefully.


She makes a noise to let him know she’s all right.

Do you have a good grip?

She doesn’t make a sound, indicating that she does not have a good grip, but is trying her hardest.

Can you try to get back up?

Monica looks up at where they fell. The light from the rock shines onto the ceiling. It’s still. Silent. They are all alone. The possibility of her getting back up there is impossible.

Once again she doesn’t respond.

(under his breath)

He looks down below. Nothing but black. God only knows how far this fall could be.

I’m going to drop a coin
just to see how far down
the drop is. Hopefully its
only a couple feet.

He carefully digs a coin out of his pocket. He takes a breath, shuts his eyes and drops it. His ears are alert, listening for the sound of the coin hitting the ground. Moments later he hears the clank of the coin. It’s a deep fall.

Monica’s hands slip a bit. She’s losing her grasp on the ledge. Comer hears her wince in pain as she tries to remain strong. His mind can’t help but think that he’s going to drop her. There’s no way she can pull them both up. He weighs too much.

Monica... listen to me very carefully.
I’m going to bring us down. I have an
idea. It’s not safe, but it’s all I can
think of to do. (beat) I’m going to untie
myself from this rope-

Monica makes a noise in objection to this. He’ll fall if he does that.

-The fall isn’t that bad. I think
if I land right, I’ll be ok. But
I’m not going to risk your life.(beat)
When I do this, you’ll be able to
get yourself up safely. Find a way
to mark your way through the passages
and find Brad because I’ll probably
be in need of a little help. (beat)
Do you understand?

She is silent for a moment. She doesn’t want him to drop and hurt himself. She can hold him, she knows it. But for how long? Her fingers are about to give in. She makes a noise to let him know she understands.

Ok. I’ll count it off so you know.

Comer looks down into the darkness. He takes a deep breath and looks up at Monica.

One... two... three!

Comer falls, having untied his rope. Monica hangs on tightly. She squeezes her eyes shut, hoping not to hear when he falls. She doesn’t want to hear that. Unfortunately for her, she hears him fall and he lets out a painful scream. At least he screamed. He’s not dead... but what are his injuries?

Monica looks down below. She doesn’t see a thing. She shuts her eyes and takes a breath. She has to move. She has to find a way down there to help him. He may not have time for her to go searching for Brad.

She looks up to where she fell off the ledge. She can do this. She has to do this.



APRIL 8, 1984

John Montgomery places a hard hat on his head and turns on the head light so he can see where he’s going as he prepares to enter the deep cave that was found early that morning.

The wind has picked up in the desert, creating a small sand storm that no one wants to be in. This will make it even more difficult for him to get into the cave.

Here are your flashlights. Be
careful down there, my friend.

Thank you.

We will assist you down.

Montgomery puts on thick gloves so he doesn’t get burned by the rope. He makes his way to the small hole in the ground that will lead him into the desert cave.

On my count.

Shafiq and his men prepare to assist Montgomery down into the cave.

Weh-hid... it-neyn... ta-leh-ta.
(One... two... three...)

Montgomery drops into the hole as Shafiq and his men help lower him safely into the cave.


Montgomery is immediately cloaked in darkness. He looks up at the small hole as he is lowered down into the cave. Sand comes in from the sand storm outside. He looks at the walls as he goes down. The rocks are beautiful, but he’s seen them before on this planet.

He looks directly below him. The light on his hard hat hits the rock Shafiq spoke of. Light in color, not like anything else down here. The light from his hat seems to light up everything when he hits the rock.

A couple minutes later and he reaches the bottom.

(shouting up)
Ok! Ki-feh-ya ki-da!
(That’s enough!)

Montgomery’s descent is stopped and he unties himself from the rope. He takes out one of his flashlights and goes up to the artifact that was found. He shines a light on it. It almost seems to shine brighter than anything else in this cave.

He takes out the piece of paper he has with the symbols he showed Shafiq when he first arrived. He looks at them, then looks at the rock. The symbols are similar, but not exactly the same. He folds the piece of paper up and puts it back in his pocket.

Montgomery looks at the artifact. It seems to be stuck in its place pretty tightly. He reaches out and touches it. It’s smooth and cold. He pulls on it a bit and to his surprise it easily falls out of its place and into his hands. He looks down at it suspiciously, then puts it in his coat pocket for when he ascends back up to the top.

He looks around a bit. Nothing else is out of place. He goes back over to the rope and ties himself back on to it.

(shouting up)
Ok! Gib-lee foh!
(Bring me up!)

Shafiq and his men start to pull Montgomery out of the cave.



Montgomery makes his way through the sand storm. He covers his mouth and nose as he runs towards one of the tents.


Montgomery enters the tent and dusts himself off from the sand outside. He looks across the way at the woman he is traveling with. A woman known as Grandmama Reyes. He pulls the rock out of his coat pocket to show it to her.

Immediately the rock flies out of his hand and slams into another smaller rock with similar symbols marked on it.

They are powerful.

Montgomery watches on with amazement. That was the last thing he thought he’d ever see happen.

What are they?

They are very important artifacts.
They are the key to everything.

They both go up to the two artifacts that have collided with each other to become one. They float in the air and the crack in between the two disappears, making it one. Once the crack is sealed, the artifact drops to the ground. Montgomery bends down and picks it up, examining it in his hands.

That’s amazing. It’s as if they’ve
never been apart.

Oh but they have been apart.

She looks up at him with her mysterious eyes.

For millions of years.

Montgomery holds the artifact in his hands. He examines it, looking at the symbols.

These symbols, what do they mean?

They are words. Phrases. Maybe even names.

They’re not of any language this
world ever knew, are they?

No, they are not. (beat) But they
mean something. That is why they
are there. (beat) It is up to you
to figure out their message.

You told me that there were more.
How many more are there?

I do not know for sure. (beat)
The last one will find you. Do
not go looking for it, that is
not what is written in destiny.

How did they get here?

They fell from the sky...

She smiles at him with a sly grin.



OCTOBER 12, 2006

Montgomery sits deep in thought. Grandmama’s words echo in his mind. “The last one will find you.”

He is snapped out of his thoughts when the artifact, much larger now than in the memory flashback, starts to turn on the counter next to him. He lifts his head and looks at it. In all the years he’s had this artifact, it has never spun on it’s own. It’s never even moved on its own except for when it’s close to another artifact and snaps together with it.

“They are very powerful.” Grandmama’s words enter his mind.

He doesn’t touch it. He doesn’t stop it. He’s curious by its power. Perhaps he is close to another artifact. Perhaps he’s close to the last one...

Suddenly, the artifact flies off the counter and slams into a filing cabinet.

Montgomery looks at it for a moment then gets up and goes over to it. He examines it closely. There must be a reason this artifact slammed into this filing cabinet. He opens it and finds a single file that has been filed away. The tab says “Project Subversion”. He pulls it out and shuts the filing cabinet door and goes over to his seat and sits down.

He opens the file and looks into what this Subversion Project is. He reads, discovering that Project Subversion was a Syndicate project to test humans against suspected alien tactics of “mind warfare”. He continues reading to discover that Subversion Project doctors would inject their subjects with a substance that would put their subjects into catatonic states and then they would proceed to torment them by mental suggestions of their worst fears or nightmares.

Montgomery looks up from the file. He’s never heard any of the details about this project. He never knew much about it, just that there was a project called Subversion that was working on finding effective ways to defend the public from alien attacks. Project Subversion was never conducted at this facility. They were isolated to islands... for reasons he did not know. But why would this file be here? What does this facility have to do with Project Subversion?

He looks back down at the file and turns the pages. He stops when he sees a subject number for “RT-7915-3”. He lowers the file and looks up again in disbelief.

Monica Reyes. She was subject “RT-7915-3” under his care. Why the hell would they have the same subject number for Project Subversion? And why was this being conducted here at the Strughold Research Facility. This facility has nothing to do with this project. He looks back at the file in front of him and sees that a Dr. E. Marx was conducting tests on Monica Reyes for Project Subversion.

How the hell could this happen? He never authorized anyone to test on her or even go near her. He continues to read the file...



JANUARY 31, 2005

Monica Reyes lies in her hospital bed. Her tired eyes look out the window to the blue sky above. A tree is in her view, no leaves, but has snow. She is blank in expression, having been through hell and back as a test subject for The Project to find a vaccine for the alien virus.

Her hospital room door opens and John Montgomery enters. Monica looks over at him.

I brought you something to help you relax.

He goes up to her and helps her sit up.

How are you feeling today?

Tired. I haven’t been sleeping well.

That could be a side affect of
the tests, but I’ve never heard
of it happening. (beat) Do you
have a lot on your mind?

I’ve been having nightmares. Thinking
back on everything I’ve been through.

A tear falls down her face and she wipes it away.

Then there are other thoughts.
(beat) Bad thoughts.

Montgomery listens to her carefully. He knows about her suicide attempts in the past, Scully came to him very upset with that. He doesn’t want her to have bad thoughts like that again.

I keep having this dream where
people I love die. I can’t stop
if from happening, no matter what I do.

How often have you had this dream?

I don’t know. Seems like
almost every week. I feel
like I’ve failed them and
that’s why they’ve died. I
just want it to stop. (beat)
What if they’re real?

They’re just dreams, Monica.
Sometimes dreams are answers
to questions we don’t know how
to ask. They shouldn't be taken
literally either. Dreams show us
symbols, things that represent a
feeling we have, or-

But it feels so real.

Have you been having a lot
of headaches lately?


How often?


Montgomery nods his head.

All right. I want you to take
these, try to eat something
and I’ll be back with something
I think will help you. All right?

Monica nods her head and Montgomery hands her the medication. She pops the pill in her mouth and Montgomery hands her a glass of water. He watches her, hoping that there isn't something wrong with her. He had to cut into her brain to find the what he needed for the vaccine. If her headaches and restlessness are a result of that he already knows how to help her. He's done experiments in Switzerland where the same proceedure was done and the subject experienced visions and headaches. A simple pill was able to block the visions and diminish the headaches. Monica appears to be going through the same thing as the subject in Switzerland.

This will help me relax?

Yes, and I suggest you get some sleep.

Is there a pill to stop nightmares?

Unfortunately, no.

He places the back of his hand on her forehead to check her temperature. Monica swallows the pill and hands the paper cup back to him.

I’ll be back later.

Monica nods her head. Montgomery stands and helps to lay her back down. He goes over to the window to shut the curtains.

Leave them open a bit.

All right. Get some good rest.

Montgomery walks out of her room. He passes a younger doctor with dark brown hair. The young doctor wears a nametag on his white coat: Dr. E. Marx.

Dr. Marx looks back at Montgomery to make sure he is leaving the recovery ward. Once he’s out of sight, Marx enters Monica’s hospital room.

Monica looks over when he enters.



Dr. Montgomery asked me to stop
by and give you an injection to help
with those nightmares you’ve been having.

All right.

Marx shuts the door and walks over to Monica’s hospital bed. He pulls out a syringe and fills it with a white substance. He looks down at her and smiles as he taps the air bubbles out.

This will only hurt a little.

He leans down and injects the substance into her temple. He stands back and grins at her as the white substance takes affect on her. She becomes motionless, in a catatonic state.

Dr. Marx sets the syringe down on the table next to the bed. He picks up his clipboard and turns a page over. The paper reads: “Week 5 Analysis”. Subject number: “RT-7915-3”.

(leans down close to her)
Just to clarify, the injection will
only hurt a little. The test itself
will be painful.

He smiles and pulls out a device that he places on top of her head, covering her eyes. He presses a button and the device blinks with blinding light over her eyes. Her mouth opens in a silent scream. The pain is unbearable. He releases the button and the lights stop.

What do you feel?


What kind of pain?

I’ve lost someone.

Monica answers him as if she’s in a trance.

Someone close to you?



My daughter. Brad.

How have you lost them?

They’re dead.

How did that happen?

I failed them.

Marx writes down what she says then takes the device off her head. Her eyes are glossy, glazed over from what he’s doing to her. He picks up the syringe again and fills it with the white substance again. He injects it into her head a second time.

The best part, you won’t even
remember me doing this to you.

He smiles, loving his job a little too much. He pulls out another device, this time sticking wires to her head. He presses a button that sends electronic shock waves through her head. He stops and removes the wires and places the device back into his coat pocket.

How do you feel, Monica?

Monica can’t respond to him. This has become too much for her. Dr. Marx looks down at her for a moment, then leans down, pulling a small light out of his pocket. He inspects her eyes, checks her pulse. She’s all right, just in a catatonic state.

I want you to tell me what you see, Monica.

He leans back again to observe her.

Fallen cities buried in darkness.
They’re dying. Everyone.

Marx looks towards the door, hearing Dr. Montgomery arrive on the floor talking to nurses. He quickly tucks his clipboard under his arm, administers a final injection into Monica’s arm that immediately takes affects and makes her fall asleep. He quickly leaves the hospital room. He bumps into Montgomery on his way down the hall.


Montgomery barely takes notice of him as he enters Monica’s room to check up on her. Nothing is out of place. He shuts the door and goes up to a nurse, Avery.

When she wakes, be sure to give her these.

He hands the medication to the nurse.

Yes, doctor.

Thank you.

He leaves the recovery ward completely unaware of the tests being done on Monica.



Montgomery shuts the file on Project Subversion, having just read through all the tests they did on Monica. How could he not have noticed that something was being done to her? Even when he checked her over, everything seemed normal. He thought she was just reacting differently to the medication he had her on. It’s no wonder it never worked on her. The Project Subversion doctor messed around with her mind and that caused the medication he prescribed to her not to work. It only calmed her, but never stopped the visions, the feelings. It’s no wonder Scully had to bring her to him last November. She was being “prepared” for mind warfare against the aliens. How was this preparation when all it did was break her down?

Who would authorize such a horrible and pointless project?

She should’ve been in good health and had a safe and good recovery, but the project doctors altered that.

(in memory flashback)
This is my granddaughter, Monica.



APRIL 8, 1984

Montgomery and Grandmama Reyes sit at a small table in the tent. The sound of the sandstorm is heard outside swirling around them. Luckily for them, no sand is getting inside.

She is very special. Special to you even.

She hands a photograph of Monica (age 16) to Montgomery. He takes it and looks at her.

She is Gifted, like no one you will
ever see. Very special. She is the
answer you will be looking for.

Montgomery looks up at her.

You will need her.

You’re always so vague, Carmen.

Grandmama gives him a sly smile. She loves being mysterious.

What would be the fun in telling you
everything flat out? If I were to tell
the numbers for the Lottery, you’d go
out and buy them and win, but it wouldn’t
be any excitement because you would’ve
known you had the winning numbers. (beat)
That would also make you greedy.

Montgomery smiles.

I know all, but I cannot tell all.
It might disrupt the flow of the
universe and we’d go flying into the
sun because somehow me telling you
everything you ever wanted to know
would cause the moon to stop it’s
gravitational pull on us. And POOF!
We are dead.

I don’t think we’d fly into the sun.

How do you know? Are you so certain
you know all there is to know about
the wonders of the universe? (beat)
You have only just begun.

She smiles at him.

I have had the Gift for many years
now. Since I was a mischievous little
girl. I must never abuse my Gift. It
is a privilege I have. A privilege
my ancestors had before me.

Montgomery holds up the artifact he brought up from the desert cave.

So you already know what this
artifact is for. And I bet you
know what the symbols mean.

Grandmama looks at him with mysterious eyes.

Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t. (beat)
Does it really matter? No. I have
already helped you get on the right path.

They call this place, Dharb
al Najem, which means “place
where the star fell to Earth.”

He looks at her for a moment.

Is that all coincidence, or
does it have a greater meaning?

This is true. This artifact you have
found tonight is not of this world.
These symbols hold valuable information
that is important to the future of our
Earth. It must be preserved in some way.

So along with having special powers,
it also holds information. What kind
of information?

You know I cannot tell you everything.
(beat) It is very important to Earth’s
future. And it is important that you know
not to go looking for the last piece of
this beautiful puzzle. It will find you.

Montgomery looks into her eyes, sensing how serious she is.

In one years time, everything
I have told you will begin
to make sense to you. (beat) You
must trust me, I know things
I should not tell. (beat) You will
make sacrifices that will break
you down of human emotion, but
you will do great things. You
will save many people, though they
may not see you as a good person,
you are. (beat) This is why I help you.
You are good at heart and that is
what The Project needs.

Montgomery gives her a look. “The Project”? What is she talking about? Grandmama looks into his eyes.

In one years time it will all begin.

Off his look...



Montgomery wanders around the office, his old office. The memory of what Grandmama told him is fresh in his mind. The information held on the artifact had to be preserved in some way. It is vital to their survival.

He looks over at his computer, remembering back to when Scully was stuck here and the Smoking Man wanted to implant the chip in the base of her neck. There was something he did that he never told anyone. He runs his hand over the old computer, remembering how when he placed the artifact on top of it, it started running his computer out of his control. He was able to place the microchip the Smoking Man wanted implanted into Scully into his computer and loaded the information that was on the artifact. He doesn’t even know how he was able to do it, just that it happened.

How could he have been so careless? Information as important as what was on that chip and on these artifacts should never have been placed on a chip that could be tracked by the aliens and the Smoking Man. At least he only has to worry about the aliens and not the Smoking Man. It’s a good thing that black lunged son-of-a-bitch is six feet under. Montgomery fears what he’d do with information as powerful as what lies on these artifacts. He hopes that wherever Scully is she is keeping that chip safe. He fears that will be a difficult task. They can track her and will continue to track her until they get it. Removing it is not an option. She will most definitely develop cancer that will kill her.

Montgomery sits down. What’s done is done. There’s nothing he can do to change the mistakes he made in his past.

He picks up the Project Subversion file once more.



Monica has a tight grip on the artifact her Grandmama gave to her. She is alone in the narrow passageways of the cave. Her eyes are wide with fear. Her mind races back to the island and when she was taken. What if they are in here? What if they are after her?

She shakes her head to clear her thoughts. She can’t think this way. She has to find Robert. He needs her help. She heard him scream when he hit the bottom of the cave. He has to be alive.

She can feel she is going deeper into the cave. It’s colder. Quieter. Darker. She moves carefully, not wanting a repeat of what happened earlier. If she falls off a ledge, then what? Brad has no clue they left their campsite. It’ll be black as coal when he gets there.

She turns on a curve and spots Robert lying on his back on the bottom of the cave floor. She goes over to him. He’s almost unconscious.

She sets the artifact down next to him and touches the side of his face with her hand. Tears sting her eyes when she sees the condition he is in. His spine has to be dislocated, his arm is bleeding, and he’s losing blood swiftly through a wound in his leg. She checks the back of his head, no blood there.

Robert opens his eyes and focuses on her.


His voice is rough and weak. He coughs and blood comes out of his mouth. A tear falls from her eye.

I can’t be helped, Monica. You
need to find Brad. Make sure
he’s all right.

Monica shakes her head. She can’t leave him. Not like this.


She looks at his face again.

My spine is broken. I can’t
move and even if you could
get me out of here...

He trails off, not wanting to say what he suspects.

(after a beat)
Even if you could get me out
of here, I’d be paralyzed.

She starts to cry, not wanting this to be true. She can’t lose him. She can’t fail him.

Moni... sweetheart...

He’s able to move his hand to the side of her face. She reaches up and holds onto his hand.

You did all you could.
I’m a loss cause. You
don’t need to-

He winces in pain and coughs up more blood.

Don’t waste anything on me.

Monica shakes her head and continues to cry. She can’t accept this. He can’t die. Not like this.

Find Brad.

Monica doesn’t respond to him. She can’t let him die alone. She squeezes his hand in hers and kisses it. Tears fall from his eyes as he looks up into her soul.

I love you, Monica.

She can’t stop the tears from falling. She leans down and kisses him on the forehead. She can’t communicate to him and she wishes she could. This isn’t fair.

She lies her head down on his chest and holds his hand. If this is his end, she’s going to be here with him. She almost married him in New Orleans until she ran away. She only ran away because something didn’t feel right. They were never meant to go that far, but that doesn’t mean she stopped loving him. Maybe in the way she should’ve loved him, but she’s not cold hearted. They had their differences. He pissed her off, but she still feels for him. She can’t help that her heart loves.

She shuts her eyes, waiting to feel his soul slip away. Her mind keeps repeating for him not to go. He can’t die. Not like this. If only there was some way to heal him, turn back time and never have him investigate the other narrow passage. This isn’t fair. Not to her, and especially not to him.

She moves her other hand over his heart, a way to communicate that she loves him. She closes her eyes, trying to feel his heart beat. It’s slow, but stays steady.

Maybe this isn’t as bad as they both think. Maybe he’ll be all right.

Robert opens his eyes, feeling a strange tingling sensation run through his body.


She lifts her head from his chest and looks at him. To her surprise, he sits up. She lets out a scream and jumps back.

Is this a hallucination? Is she seeing his spirit?

Comer looks at her, not understanding why he suddenly feels as good as new.

What the hell?

Monica looks at him with wide eyes.

I feel... fine.

How the hell can this be? He was on the verge of death. Death was covering him, just like how she saw Death around her Grandmama. Now he’s fine? What’s going on?

Monica looks at the artifact. It glows brightly. That has to be it. It has power, Grandmama said so.

Monica picks it up and shows it to Comer.

You’re saying that the rock healed me?

Monica nods her head. It had to. It’s the only explanation.

How can that be?

Monica shakes her head. She doesn’t know.

Off their looks...



Montgomery stares down at the Project Subversion folder. He flips through again, this time taking notice of the names. He doesn’t recognize any of them, except for the initials “C.G.B.S.” – The Smoking Man. Of course he would be involved with something as horrific as a project designed to torture test subjects with terrifying suggestions planted into their minds.

He closes the file and takes it back over to the filing cabinet that the artifact had slammed itself into. He puts it away and tries to pull the artifact away from the cabinet. He pulls to hard and the cabinet falls over.

A file falls out and opens. Margaret Scully’s picture falls to the ground. Montgomery looks down at it. Why would there be a file about Margaret Scully here at this Facility? He bends down and picks up the file.

There is more to this facility than he knew.

He carries the file over to his seat and once again sits down to look through it. Apparently, there is a lot he never knew. Margaret Scully is a member of the Syndicate. How can that be? She was never at any of their meetings. He looks up at the filing cabinet where this file fell from. The same cabinet as the Project Subversion file.

He continues to flip through the file, only to discover that Margaret Scully is not the biological mother to William Jr., Melissa, Dana, or Charles Scully, and that she was sent to be involved with their father, Captain William Scully Sr. shortly after the death of their biological mother in 1972.

Montgomery tries to make sense of this. Why would she be sent – ordered – to get involved with Captain Scully?

He flips through more pages of this thick file and discovers that there was an order left unfulfilled to have Captain Scully entered into the Subversion Project.

He can’t believe what he’s reading.

Margaret Scully was going to have her husband entered into the Subversion Project so he could be tested in torturous ways to find a way to beat the alien’s mind warfare? He continues to read the pages of this file and discovers that Captain Scully never underwent any testing for Subversion. He checks the date and discovers it was around the time he died of a heart attack in early 1994.

Montgomery tries to organize the information in his mind. If Margaret Scully was ordered to have her husband entered into the Subversion Project, then she must have been taking orders from the one in charge of that project – the Cigarette-Smoking Man. But for the Smoking Man to have order over a Project this large, a project designed to be conducted on isolated islands around the world, then he must’ve had people working for him. Another Syndicate perhaps.

Could there have been two Syndicates? It’s possible and not as far fetched as he would like it to be. The Syndicate he belongs to was divided by those against the Smoking Man – men like himself, Alex Krycek, Marita Covarrubias, Joseph Covarrubias, and the Elders. But then there was the side of the Syndicate that would work with the Smoking Man – people like Diana Fowley.

Montgomery’s thoughts are abruptly interrupted by the sound of a door bursting open down the hallway. He quickly goes to the office door and peers out. It’s too dim to make out who’s out there. He grabs his handgun from the counter and carefully makes his way into the hallway.


It’s gotta be around here somewhere!

Montgomery squints his eyes and sees Skinner and Knowle. He recognizes them. Knowle is leaning on Skinner and bleeding badly, having a deep gash across the front of his body.

Any of these rooms are good
enough to patch you up, man.

Then do it, for cryin’ out loud!

Montgomery enters their view. He confirms for himself that yes, this man is indeed Knowle Rohrer. He remembers him from when Dana and Monica were here, he was delivering packages, though he doubts that’s what he was really doing. He remembers he was forbidden access to this facility.

(in memory flashback)
You will know it when you see him...



APRIL 8, 1984

Grandmama looks intensely at Montgomery’s eyes, seeing into his future and what he will do, who he will become and what he should do. Montgomery listens carefully to her.

You will see his weakness and his
strength and you will want to take
control and lead, but it is not for
you to do. In the moment, you will
know and you must save him. (beat)
This will be the beginning of the
cycle. The beginning of change. (beat)
The beginning of the end...



(in memory flashback)
Everything happens for a reason...

Montgomery makes his way towards Skinner and Knowle.

I’m a doctor. What happened?

He quickly leads Skinner and Knowle down the hallway to the emergency room. They get Knowle on the operating table, and Montgomery quickly gets prepared for surgery.

We were traveling with this guy we
thought was on our side. Turned out
he’s a fuckin’ alien. He slashed Knowle
up pretty good.

Montgomery comes over to Knowle and injects him with something. Knowle sits up quickly.

(light headed)
That better not be make...

Montgomery helps him lay back down.

You’ve lost a lot of blood and
are bleeding to death.

He cuts Knowle’s shirt off to expose his wound. A large gash across his body.

I don’t want drugged!

Is he going to be out soon?

Skinner watches on with worry as Knowle tries to fight off the drugs and being light headed from blood loss. He doesn't trust Montgomery, he trusted Henry Gibbs and now look what happened to him.

The last guy Skinner saw who bled this much died pretty quickly.

I’m not waiting for any drugs to kick in.

He quickly grabs a lot of gauze and takes Skinner’s hand and makes him apply pressure on the wounds.

Keep pressure there.

Skinner does as he asks.

We were looking for Dana. She was
taken a while ago by these aliens.
Just taken, we don’t even know why.

Montgomery looks at Skinner.

She wasn’t harmed?

No. We saw the same kind of thing
in New York City. They just grabbed
people off the streets.

Montgomery registers this information for a moment.

I think I know where she is.

Off his look...




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