"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Nine


Review By: Emma Keturah

"We're coming up on New York City. Seems to be quiet." -Dana Scully

It's far from Scully's prediction and things really hit the fan when Skinner, Scully and Knowle reach the ruins of New York City. It's a place of chaos and they find themselves the target of other survivors and aliens.

Meanwhile Monica and Brad meet up with someone unexpected in Colorado. Monica uses her mind to locate Knowle and the others but is horrified at what she sees. Could it be possible they're all dead?

Rest assured though, with almost a whole season ahead of us it seems unlikely that our favourite writers will kill them all off so soon.

9x03 "Shut Down"

Title: "Shut Down"
Written by: Kristi
Date: August 14, 16-18; October 1, 15, 2006
Air Date: November 20, 2006
Rating: PG-13
Series: FRVS - Episode #176
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: Brad and Monica seek shelter in an abandoned house in Colorado, while Knowle, Skinner and Scully face the dangers of New York City.




Walter Skinner’s eyes stare out the front window of the stopped Hummer. Never in his life did he ever expect to see such an eerie sight. New York City is lifeless. Dead. The skyline that once twinkled in the night is now just darkness silhouetted by the moonlight. The once lively city has now become crumbles. A tear falls down his cheek. His mind thinks of all the lives lost in the alien destruction.

Scully places a comforting hand on his shoulder, as if she knows his thoughts. She feels the same.

(trying to be optimistic)
The power could just be out.
There may be survivors.

Skinner looks over at her and nods his head. He hopes she’s right. What would this world come to if human casualties were in the billions? He looks back at Knowle, who is sleeping.

Should we wake him?

Scully looks back at Knowle too.

He’d want us to...

She turns to look forward again.

... but he needs his sleep. I don’t
really want to argue with him again.

Some nights he doesn’t sleep at all.

And when he does, he sleeps at
most two hours.

He’s a hard Marine.

Scully nods her head and Skinner faces forward again.

We’ll let him sleep.

Skinner nods his head and puts the car into drive. Scully looks back once again to make sure Knowle hasn’t woken up by the Hummer moving.

Scully can’t help but see how protective Knowle is of them. So protective that he doesn’t even think of himself or his own health. She had to argue with him for almost an hour until he gave in and agreed to get some sleep. She told him she’d wake him up after two hours.

It’s been four hours already.

Scully notices that Knowle’s face is tense. He must be dreaming. About what, she can only wonder.

Knowle suddenly wakes with a gasp. Something has startled him in his dream and his breathing is rapid.


His eyes look around and his breathing begins to calm as he realizes where he is. He sits up after a moment and rubs his hands over his face.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I just...

He looks up at her.

... hate sleeping.

Sleeping is healthy for you.
(beat) Did you have a bad dream?

Something like that. (quick to change
the subject) How long have I been out?

You slept a good four hours.

Knowle looks at her. What happened to waking him up after two hours?

(re: his look)
We’re still alive.

She smiles at him. Knowle nods his head, he doesn’t want to argue with her again either. She’s stubborn, just like John Doggett was.

We’re coming up on New York
City. (beat) Seems to be quiet.

Knowle looks out the front window. He sees the dark skyline of the city. Most of the taller buildings have crumbled or are incomplete, broken in half. He doubts its quiet. A city that big with buildings still standing means there has to be survivors. Survivors without law or leadership can lead to one thing: chaos. It’ll be unpredictable. Dangerous even.

We should be careful. It’ll be
chaotic in there. There are probably
survivors of all kind, including the
kind who will take advantage of a
world without law.

Knowle starts to dig around in the back. He retrieves three water bottles.

The city’ll be hotter than hell. The
pavement heats up, buildings block wind.
The amount of survivors. (beat) There’s
a lot of buildings still standing meaning
survivors – people who weren’t able to
evacuate. They’ll be in chaos, panic.

He hands Skinner and Scully water.

Keep it with you, drink it responsibly.
(beat) We’ll probably be a target. We’ve
got a lot of supplies in here.

Scully gives him a look, wondering what exactly he is preparing for.

(re: her look)
Best to be prepared rather than
spun into shock, right?

Skinner nods his head. Best to think of the worst case scenario.

You seem to know what you’re
doing. (beat) Have you seen
anything similar to this before?

In the Gulf. (beat) We had to protect
cities. They were in chaos, threw rocks
at us, tried to ambush us.

He loads his M-14.

I learned a lot about surviving in
that war. Having plenty of water
was one of the main things stressed to us.

This heat is unbearable. Dehydration
could turn out to be our worst enemy.

Knowle nods his head.

Be thankful they aren’t releasing
poisonous gases into our air.

What do you mean?

In the Gulf, we were issued guns,
uniforms, water canteens and gas masks.
Biological warfare was used. Poisonous
chemicals could consume our air at any
moment. (beat) Our C.O. had us sit in
the desert heat wearing our long sleeve
uniforms and gas masks. Temperatures soared
to about one-hundred and thirty degrees Fahrenheit.
Probably hotter with the sun blazing down on
us. We were like that for hours. It was hard
to breath – as if we were suffocating.

Scully listens, knowing John went through what he’s telling her. John never spoke much of his time in the Gulf War.

We were near the Persian Gulf so we got
the humidity coming in from the ocean.
Sweat would drip into our eyes. The gas
masks covered us so we couldn’t wipe it
away. (beat) Keeping a look out wasn’t easy.

He thinks back.

We weren’t always in that Hell. Our
barracks were in Al-Khobar – that’s
an Arab city right outside Dhahran.

He smiles, remembering the past.

Air conditioned too. (beat) You could never
tell if they were building the buildings or
tearing them down. (he laughs) But man, that
air conditioning was like winter.

Scully watches him curiously as he smiles, remembering what it was like to come in from the hot desert and enter a room that was seventy degrees and have it feel like winter. She can’t even imagine.

It felt like forty degrees in there.
Got goose bumps it was so cold. (beat)
It was probably seventy-five.

I can imagine that would feel like winter
having come in from that heat. (beat) John
never spoke much of the war.

Not many people do. We went through a
lot of hard times. (beat) Frightening
times, when you knew it was safer to rely
on your body’s natural responses because
when you think, you’re dead. (beat) But we
had some good times too.

He laughs a bit as a memory enters his head.

There was this one time we – John,
Shan, Tom and I – went AWOL. We
snuck away and crossed the King Fahd
Causeway to get to Bahrain. (beat) The
thing that’s great about Bahrain is that
its more lenient than Saudi Arabia.

How do you mean?

Women can drive, work, don’t have to
cover themselves if they don’t want
to – though most of them do – pity too
cause they’re very beautiful. But other
than the women, the best thing about Bahrain
is its legal to drink alcohol.

I thought it was a Muslim country.

It is, just not as traditional as
Saudi Arabia. (beat) Remember, Mecca
is in Saudi, not Bahrain. (beat)
Saudi is the Holy Land.

He smiles.

So you want AWOL...

She gets him back on track.

Yes, we went AWOL. Spent a few hours
in Manama, the capitol, which is where
the Causeway ends. Beautiful city too.
Famous for their perils. We drove in and
one of their round-a-bouts has a huge statue,
known as the Peril Monument. Very simple in
design. The round peril is lifted several feet
in the air by three curved pieces – starting thick,
then gradually thinning at the top.

Knowle pauses for a moment, thinking back to this time in the Middle East. He can only rely on his mind’s eye.

(after a beat)
I did a lot of photography back then.
Let me tell you, a photographic lens
cannot capture the beauty of an Arabian
sunset. Its like nothing you’ll ever see
in America. (beat) The sky is purple, hazy
from the dust and sand in the air.

Scully wishes she could see what he sees in his mind.

The sun is a deep red, with a touch
of purple. (beat) The most beautiful
natural event you’ll ever see.

He sits for a moment, allowing his memory to consume his mind.

(after a beat)
With D.C. destroyed, I only have
what’s in my mind. (beat) Too bad
too because its something I think
everyone should see.

Skinner looks back at Knowle from the rear-view mirror.

I think you are the only person
I know to have come back from a
war with stories of natural beauty.

Knowle smiles.

I appreciate every experience. (beat)
Would you believe it if I told you that
I found one of the greatest Mexican
restaurants in the world down a small
narrow street in Manama? (beat) Second to
the Reyes family of course.

He smiles. Scully cocks her eyebrow.

They have Mexican restaurants over there?

Señor Paco’s.

Globalization... Seems like every
country is trying to be another.

It’s horrible when you go down the
streets of Kaisers Lautern and see
American fast food restaurants.

Ramstein Air Base, Germany?

Yeah. Got shipped out of the
Gulf and had to stay there
for a few days.

Skinner nods his head.


Still got the scar. It was
my ticket out of there.

Sounds like you’ve had many
life experiences. You’ll have
to share some more of your stories.

I’ve got a ton. Aside from the
war, I did Special Ops for the
Department of Defense.

Scully cocks her eyebrow.

You did Special Ops? I hear
that’s rather dangerous.

Knowle nods his head.

“Dangerous” is an understatement. (beat)
What made that work hard was not being able
to tell anyone what I was really doing.
Everyone thought I had a desk job and was
pushing paper all day long. Shannon thought I
was out with different women when I’d be on
a mission. (beat; explaining) We used to be swingers-

- Like from the ‘70s?

Yeah. Truth was, I told her I was
doing that so there wouldn’t be any
questions about where I was and what
I was doing. (beat) When we ended, there
was tension. It hurt her, that’s understandable.
I hated lying to her – to everyone.

She never knew what you really did?

Knowle shakes his head.

It was part of my job not to tell.
The government didn’t trust anyone.
You could never be too careful. (beat)
I trusted Shannon, don’t get me wrong,
but who’s to say she doesn’t slip up
and tell her father, who happens to slip
up and tell someone connected to a mission
I’m on and I end up dead.

Scully listens, intrigued. She, to her knowledge, has never met anyone who worked as a Special Ops agent.

(after a beat)
Needless to say, I have issues with
trust, especially with people I don’t
know very well. The government kind of
branded that into me I guess.

Skinner and Scully give each other a look. Even though they’ve been on the run with Knowle, they don’t feel they know him as well as they should. He’s just confirmed why.

So you don’t trust us?

I never said that. Trust is something
I feel has to be earned. (beat) I trust
you. We’ve been through a lot. (beat) Now,
I don’t know how people usually earn trust,
but I measure trust on how much shit we’ve
been through. Especially in the situation
we are in now. I measure trust on life and
how each individual has handled tough times.
(beat) I’ve had my life in the hands of men
I knew only a day. That was hard to do, but
you’ve got to do it, you know? It’s how trust
is earned.

I trust you guys. You saved me. (beat)
I think it helps that you are both Marines.
Getting to know you better only helps me to
strengthen the trust I have with you, Knowle.

She smiles at him.

Looks like that four hours of sleep
did some good with you. You opened up nicely.

Knowle smiles, he can’t argue that getting that rest was a bad thing.

Skinner continues to drive towards New York City.

Stay alert, we’re entering the city.

The buildings are larger now as they make their way into the city limits. The streets are dark, empty of life and filled with debris from the alien destruction and from people who evacuated as fast as they could.




Brad Follmer drives into the dark night. A gentle rain falls from the sky. Humidity can be seen in the air, allowing the beams from the headlights to be seen.

Brad’s eyes are tired, but the distant booming of aliens destroying a city keeps him awake and alert. He cannot see the destruction being done, nor can he tell from which direction it is happening. In all directions the sky is on fire.

He takes his eyes off the road and looks over at Monica. She has fallen asleep – or so it appears. Ever since these alien attacks began she hasn’t been able to sleep well. He can tell she’s not sleeping peacefully. Her face is tense. He’s not even sure what she could be going through. When she was returned after being held captive at the Facility, he never made the effort to find out exactly what she was feeling or sensing.

He just wanted things back to normal with her. His eyes fall onto the dog tags she wears around her neck. When she needed someone the most, Knowle Rohrer was there. Brad sensed there was something growing between them, and it certainly didn’t help that Krycek had told him about a tape he had where Knowle admitted to having feelings for her. He was so afraid to lose Monica that he did his best to keep her away from Knowle. In retrospect that didn’t help him and Monica. She’s always been close to Knowle, and he doubts he knows their full history together. There must have been something between them for her to go to him or talk to him when things were bad.

Brad knows he screwed up with her. He repeated what happened between them in New York. His work took a priority. What made things worse for them was the situation that happened to her. Even from all the psychology he studied to be a law enforcement agent couldn’t help them. He didn’t know how to deal with it. He didn’t know how to deal with her, never fully understanding her. Their problems started with the medication. She didn’t want it, and he knew of no other way to help her.

The one thing they did manage to save was their friendship. She told him she doesn’t blame him for anything. She has a kind heart. For him, he can’t help but feel guilty about what happened between them. Maybe she doesn’t see it the way he does, but he feels he abandoned her and let her down.

He looks back at the road. The rain falls harder from the sky.

Suddenly, the front tires blow out. Brad quickly takes control of the car. Both front tires are out, indicating to him that someone put a line of spikes in the road. He hopes they are no longer around.

By this time, Monica has woken up.

What happened?

Hit something in the road.
Both front tires are out.

He pulls the car over to the side of the road, not that it really matters, they haven’t seen a soul for days. He lets out a sigh, wondering what to do.

The spare tire is already on the car from another blow out on the back from a couple days ago. Now they have two in the front that are gone.

(under his breath)

He looks around and spots a house hidden in the rain and darkness.

There’s a house over there.

Monica looks out her window.

Looks abandoned, but maybe there’s
another car or spare tires we can use.

Could be a good resting place
for the night too.

She looks over at him.

You’re tired.

He can’t argue that.

Maybe there’s food that
hasn’t expired yet.

Brad looks behind him at the backseat. They don’t have much at all, just the bags they packed when they went to Grandmama’s. Before they left Chihauhau, Monica gathered some things they may need such as blankets and food. They don’t even have a weapon to protect themselves against anyone... and in this case, anything.

We should grab everything and take
it with us. We don’t want someone
to come around and take everything.

Monica nods her head and grabs two bags from the back, her’s and one she filled before leaving her Grandmama’s

They get out of the car and make their way through the rain. The air is thick and warm. With this kind of heat and humidity, its difficult to breath. That must be the alien’s purpose. They thrive in this kind of weather, while its difficult and more challenging for humans.

The door is unlocked when they reach it. They go in, Brad first to make sure its all right. He searches for a light switch, but it doesn’t work.

Power’s out.

Probably has been for a long time.

She sets her bags down in the living room. She looks out the window.

You can’t see much out there.

Brad comes over to her.

Mind if I get a little shut eye?

You need it.

I’ll just crash here on the couch.

I’ll stay awake and keep a look out.

All right. (beat) There’s some food
in the pantry in the kitchen. Canned
food, so its still good.

If only we had power to cook.

Brad smiles and lays down on the couch.

Let me rest for a couple hours, then
we’ll find another car or something.

I didn’t see anything when we
came up to the house.

Neither did I. I’m thinking we
should go to the summit of Mount
Elbert. It shouldn’t be too far.
Its at a higher elevation, so it
may be cooler... at least cooler
than down in the valley.

Sounds good to me.

We’ll have to go through a couple
cities to get there, so hopefully
these things won’t be around
when we move again.

Monica nods her head.

I wish I could help with the driving,
but my mind is more open with them here.
I can sometimes feel a tension in my
head... like they’re trying to get in.

Don’t worry about it – the driving that is.

He gives her a smiles, assuring her that he doesn’t mind being the one to do all the driving. It’s easier on her anyway.

You should get some rest.

Just a couple hours though.
That’s all I need.

All right.

Monica leaves the room and Brad shuts his eyes. Never in his life has he felt so good. The strain of driving for endless hours has taken its toll on him. He has no trouble falling asleep and is out in no time.


Monica sits down at the kitchen table. It’s dark, but she can see good enough from the warm light shining in from the fiery sky. She sets one of her bags on the table and opens it, retrieving a single candle. She pulls out her lighter and lights it. The flame grows, allowing more light to consume the darkness of the room.

She looks around. The house looks like it was abandoned in a hurry. A chair is knocked over across the room. This is a huge house, two stories. It was probably the home of a happy family. Probably with children too. She hopes that wherever they are that they are safe.

She pulls out a journal from her bag, a pen is held in the journal’s spirals. She holds the pen in her hand and opens the journal to an empty page.

She writes the date: June 10, 2006

She stops, realizing what day it is. She sets the pen down and feels for the dog tags around her neck. She looks down at them.

June 10, 1967.

She runs her finger tips over the date that has been embossed in the thin metal tag.

Knowle’s birthday. He’s thirty-nine years old today. Tears sting her eyes as her finger tips run over his name. She’s worried for him, and has been since he left for Camp Lejeune. She doesn’t even know if he’s alive. He’s a Marine. Marines go into battle first. They are the first to die, that’s what they’re trained for.

The only comfort she has is knowing he’s a smart man. He made it through the Gulf War. He can make it through this one. He knew what was going to be happening and promised to come back for her. He’s a man of his word, only she wasn’t there. She wishes she would’ve stayed. She’d feel safer if she were with him. Brad’s smart, but he doesn’t know what Knowle knows. They’d both be safer if they were with him. No doubt they’d be armed and able to defend themselves.

Her eyes regain focus on the metal tags. Metal conducts energy. Her Grandmama once said that a person’s energy is captured in metal, making metal an easy way to contact people. Of course Grandmama was referring to spirits who have passed, but who’s to say she can’t use it to help locate Knowle, or at least find out if he’s alive.

She adjusts her hold on the tags to feel them more clearly. She shuts her eyes and for the first time since the alien invasion she frees her mind, opening it to the possibilities of the aliens finding her. Despite knowing the risks, she can’t help but want to know if he’s all right.

For a long time she sees nothing but darkness in her mind. She hears nothing. Then, through the darkness she sees tall buildings. The city is cloaked in darkness. Its loud, in chaos. Her visions flash to the inside of a building, a hotel lobby maybe. It’s dark, a feeling of fear and panic. She sees Knowle. He’s alive, dressed in his camouflage pants and long thick jacket. He’s tired, but still on alert. His hair is wet, beads of sweat fall down his forehead.

Monica smiles, glad to see he’s alive.

In her vision, she sees him load a gun, a big one. She’s not sure what kind, she never knew much about guns except for her FBI issue. Knowle handles the weapon like a pro. His military training coming to good use.

Footsteps behind her snap her out of it. The footsteps sound like they belong to man, and are approaching her.

She quickly jumps out of her seat and turns around. She can’t see the man very well. Shadows conceal him.

Stop where you are.

She holds her hand out in an attempt to halt his movement. The man raises his hand in the air to show her that he is unarmed.

I don’t want to hurt you. I came
here to seek shelter from the rain.

The man steps forward, the light hits his face, revealing him as Robert Comer.

Monica can’t believe her eyes. She never expected to see him again. The last she saw of him, he was being entered into the Federal Witness Protection Program after testifying in court against Nicholas Rigali for the murder of Luke Doggett.


He hadn’t noticed it was her.


He looks her over with his eyes. She’s all right.

You’re not hurt?

No. (beat) How did you get here?

WITSEC put me in Colorado. Denver.
(beat) The city was hit bad. I noticed
these things, whatever they are, thrive in heat.

Monica nods her head.

It’s colder in thinner air. I’m
on my way to Mount Elbert.

So are we. I’m traveling with Brad Follmer.

Comer nods his head and looks out into the living room where Brad is sleeping.

I saw him.

He looks back at Monica.

May I offer some advice?


It’s not exactly a safe world out there.
You may want to be more alert when on
watch while someone sleeps. (beat) You’re
lucky it was just me who came in.

Monica looks down. She didn’t even think about that.

(after a beat)
I uh...

She looks up at him.

I was trying to tap into Knowle...

She holds up the dog tags she wears around her neck.

He gave me these.

She looks down at them. Comer can sense her feelings for this man.

He said they’d give me his strength,
and well... my Grandmama once told me
that metal holds energy – his energy.

She looks back up at him.

I was trying to see if I could figure
out where he was and if he was all right.

Comer nods his head and smiles at her.

He must be special to you.

She can sense he still has feelings for her.

He is.

Did you find him?

I saw him. I’m not sure
where he is though.

I could stand watch if you want
to try to reach him again.

Monica nods her head.

Are you sure?

I don’t mind. (beat) There’s been
enough loss and separation in this
war. If you can use your ability
to find him... I think you should.

Monica smiles.

I’ll try not to be too long.

Take your time.

Monica smiles and sits down at the table again. Comer goes over to a window and looks out, making sure they are still safe from the aliens.

He looks over at Monica and sees she’s in deep concentration. He knew from working with her in New Orleans that she had a special gift, but he never knew she could hold a piece of thin metal and be able to locate a person.

She never ceases to amaze him. Even when she solved a case based on vivid images she saw in a dream. In his eyes, she is someone truly special. He can’t help but wonder where things went wrong between them.

Comer looks back out the window. The night is still and silent. He’s not sure if it’s a good thing he hasn’t heard any explosions. Could it mean they are searching for humans who have escaped their destruction? If so, what will happen to them if they are found?



The city streets are dark and empty where Skinner, Scully and Knowle are. The close sound of rioting and chaos can be heard. They look as if they’ve just been through hell.

Skinner leads the way, followed closely by Scully. Knowle trails behind a bit, gun in hand, checking behind them, knowing the rioters are making their way towards them.

They had to leave the Hummer behind and evacuate when the chaos mobbed them for their supplies. He can only hope they don’t get in and take the rest of their supplies. He loaded up as much as he could with weapons and ammunition.

Entering the city was a big mistake.

Here’s a place to take cover.

Knowle looks ahead of himself and sees Skinner and Scully enter through the glass doors of a hotel. Knowle follows quickly, hearing the rioters coming closer.


Knowle enters and shuts the doors behind him. He looks out, seeing the rioters coming down the street.

Get over here!

Knowle signals next to him, behind a wall where the rioters won’t be able to see them. Skinner and Scully do as he asks as the rioters run by, not seeing them behind the hotel doors.

We need to take cover elsewhere.

She stands behind Knowle, her back up against the wall. She watches him as he peers out the window, holing onto his gun. He’s covered with bullets, a full metal jacket.

(after a beat)
Looks like they’re sticking around.
Breaking into places across the street.

He looks back at Scully and Skinner.

We need to get out of sight.

There’s probably a basement.

No, there’s only one way
out of there.

She knows that all too well from when she hid in the basement.

Knowle looks around. They are standing in a wide open hotel lobby.

Kitchens are usually near the back
and have exits at multiple places.
Possibly even one that could lead
out to a back ally. (beat) If they’ve
made their way to this area, its
possible we could get back out to
the Hummer and get the hell out of here.

Scully nods in agreement. They were crazy to come into a city this large.

Let’s go.

They make their way towards the back of the building.



Robert Comer checks the windows around the house keeping a look out for any intruders. He looks into the kitchen where Monica is. She’s been sitting there sensing for a long time. He wonders if he should get her out of it and check on her.

Who the hell are you?

Comer turns to face him.

Robert Comer.

Brad recognizes the name.

I happened to be seeking
shelter at the same place
as you and Monica.

Brad nods his head.

Small world we live in.

Monica screams from the kitchen, interrupting them. Brad immediately runs in to check on her.

A light outside catches Comer’s attention. He walks over to a window and looks outside, seeing one of the smaller alien crafts hovering in the backyard. His eyes widen and he steps away from the window.

Brad... Monica...

He turns and quickly goes into the kitchen.


Monica has fallen to the ground and Brad is hovering over her. Comer comes in.

They’re outside.

A light shines in, another craft is in the front yard now. Brad looks up and sees the craft outside.

They’re surrounding us.

Brad looks down at Monica, who is still under, tapping into Knowle. Her eyes are shut.


He hopes she’ll wake up.

Comer pulls out his gun and check to see that its loaded.

Damn it Monica, wake up!

Her face is tense and tears start to fall out of her eyes.

Comer looks out the window and sees the tall dark figures approaching the house.

(trying to remain calm)
They’re coming. Pick her up,
we’ve got to get out of here!

Monica’s eyes pop open and she sits up fast, yelling:


Mon, we’ve got to get out
of here. They’re here.

Monica looks to Brad, not hearing him.

They killed him. They took him
and killed him. I couldn’t stop them.

Come on!

Comer hovers in the doorway, antsy to haul ass out of there. Brad forces Monica to her feet and starts to drag her with him.

The rock!

She starts to turn, wanting to go back and get the rock her Grandmama gave her.

Forget about it!

He holds a tight grip on her arm as he tries to pull her out of there.

In another room, they hear a loud crash.

They’re inside!

Monica pulls herself out of Brad’s grasp and runs back into the kitchen.


She disappears out of sight. Comer fires his weapon to fight off an alien the best he can.

Monica! Come on!

Monica runs out of the kitchen with her bag that has the rock her Grandmama gave her in it.

This way.

She starts to head off in another direction. Brad and Robert follow her as she leads them out of the house.


Monica continues to lead them. The alien craft is right in front of them. The humming noise is loud and a bright light shines out from the inside.

She stops at the corner of the house and leans up against the wall.

Wait for it.

Comer looks around, on edge, not sure what’s going to happen. Monica senses him.

Wait for it.

A second later an alien being runs in front of them, not noticing.

(after a beat)

She starts to lead them again, leading them off towards the mountains and forest.

(after a beat)
Is a rock really that important?

He’s not happy with Monica. She should never risk her life, or theirs, for some rock, even if her Grandmama gave it to her before her death.

They want it.

These aliens?



I don’t know.

Her face tenses up again and she stops walking, placing her hand on her forehead. She lets out a gasp and drops her bag.


Brad goes up to her and helps her sit down.

(to Brad)
What’s wrong with her?

I don’t know.

She starts to cry again. She can’t stop the visions from coming. Visions of Knowle, Scully, John, Mulder. She sees them all... somewhere in the city she saw in her visions the first time she tapped into Knowle’s location. She sees the aliens attacking them, killing them viciously. Ripping them with their strong claws. Mulder first, then Scully. John follows, more violent than Mulder or Scully. Knowle is last and the most violent of them all. He’s covered in blood, bleeding to death. There is nothing she can do to stop this from happening.

Monica answer me.

She doesn’t respond. She can’t hear him, and though her eyes are open she stares off into nothingness, not seeing Brad or Robert. Tears run down her face.

They killed them all.

Monica’s bag catches Comer’s attention as a low humming noise is heard from the inside.

They killed him...

Her speech starts to slow, her muscles start to relax.


She stares off, not looking at him. She hears him, but she can’t respond to him.

Comer looks back at the house. The alien crafts are out of sight. He looks up into the sky. Nothing but rain. No aliens in sight.

We should get out of here.

Brad moves his hand in front of Monica’s face.


Comer looks down at her.

She may be in shock.

Monica blinks her eyes but her stare never changes direction.

Those things are gone, but
we shouldn’t stay here.

He leans down and picks up Monica’s bag. He feels something warm inside. He opens the bag and digs around, finding the rock Grandmama gave her. It’s warm, but not hot. He looks at it wondering what the hell this thing could be. How could a rock be warmer than anything else in this bag? What are these strange markings? He’s never seen anything like it before. Could this have been the source of the humming he heard? He’s not sure, but Monica seemed to think this rock was of great importance, even saying these aliens wanted it. What would they want with a rock?

Brad picks Monica up into his arms. She feels lifeless but still breathing. What the hell happened to her? She said they’re all dead. What the hell did she see? She mentioned Knowle, then said they killed him. Were there others in her vision? Could it be real? Brad isn’t sure. He knows she’s a psychic, but can she really tap into them and know they died?



The kitchen is dark, and would be pitch black if it weren’t for Scully finding candles to light.

Knowle sits on the ground with his back up against the wall. He holds his weapon across his body as he stares at the door. To his left, Skinner and Scully sit with their backs up against the other wall. Scully leans on Skinner, she’s tired and exhausted.

Knowle looks down at his watch and notices the date. He hadn’t even realized it is his birthday. What a great way to celebrate, locked up in a dark, empty hotel kitchen, hearing people in a panic, rioting the streets of New York City. He never did much in terms of celebrating his birthday, but he’d rather be anywhere else but here. He’s been on this planet for thirty-nine years and never in his life would he have expected to see a planet invasion by aliens from another planet.

A loud bang is heard outside the doors. Someone is inside, but the bang was not from a gun, rather the sound of a human hitting the floor hard.

Knowle looks up at the door again, and a man screaming can be heard. Knowle gets to his feet. Skinner and Scully watch him as he goes to peek out the door.

(whisper to Skinner)
They’re inside.

Knowle calmly and quietly shuts the door, locking it.

We have to get out of here.

What is it?

The aliens.

He walks across the room and towards the back exit. Skinner and Scully get up and follow after him.

A loud pounding hits the door Knowle has just peered out of. Scully looks back with fear as the hard pounding continues.

Knowle opens the back door that leads out into the back ally. He looks out making sure it is safe.


He opens the door wider to allow Scully and Skinner to leave first.

The kitchen door breaks just as Scully and Skinner exit. Knowle turns just in time to see an alien coming after him. He wastes no time and gets out of there, shutting the door behind him.


They start to run out of the ally, stopping at the opening to check the streets. Everyone is in chaos, out to save themselves, running to avoid the aliens.

Stay in shadows, close to the
buildings. (beat) Go right.

Scully nods her head. Skinner looks out at the street. He can’t believe his eyes.

(to Skinner)
You with me, Helmet?

Skinner looks at him. “Helmet.” He hasn’t been called that since ‘Nam. Skinner nods his head.

Let’s go.

Skinner nods and leads them out of the ally. They run as fast and as carefully as they can, keeping themselves hidden in the shadows.

Ahead of them, they see the aliens attack a group of people. Not killing them, but grabbing them and dragging them away. The humans scream and try to get away, but the aliens are much stronger. Knowle watches this. Why would they be taking them? What could they possibly want with them?

Skinner safely leads them to the Hummer. They stop and see it sitting alone in the street, out in the open.

A quick run and we’re out of here.

Skinner looks around the area to make sure they are safe. In the corner of his eye he sees a young Asian girl. Three years old at most. He looks back to the Hummer.

Let’s move.

All three run out to the Hummer. Knowle stops, hearing the cry of the young Asian girl coming from somewhere in the darkness where they just were. Scully stops ahead of Knowle, sensing he’s not behind her. She sees him looking back. Skinner has reached the Hummer already.

Knowle! What is it?

I heard someone.

He turns to look at Scully. She’s making her way towards him. He hands her the keys to the Hummer and his gun.

I’ll be back.

Scully watches as he runs back. She heads back towards the Hummer and hands Skinner the keys.

What’s he doing?

He said he heard someone.

Is he crazy? Going back for
someone? We’ve got to get
the hell out of here.

Scully looks back to Knowle and sees him carrying the young Asian girl in his arms. No doubt her family has been killed. Her head rests on Knowle’s shoulder and her arms are tightly wrapped around his neck.

(to Scully)
Get in.

He wants to get the hell out of there. Scully opens the door and starts to get in when she sees the tall, dark figure of an alien coming up behind Knowle. The little girl screams, and Knowle turns to see what’s behind him.

Scully looks at the gun in her hands. Knowle’s gun. He’s not even armed. She takes off running to help him.

The little girl gets snatched out of Knowle’s arms. He tried to grab her back as she screams in fear, but Knowle is grabbed by another alien and starts to be dragged away. He manages to throw a punch, hoping to get away and help the little girl, who’s screams for help can no longer be heard. He struggles with the alien, doing the best he can to get away. But his best is not good enough.


The alien is hit by a bullet. It doesn’t kill it, but it knocks it off track, giving Knowle the window of opportunity to get away.

He sees Scully, standing a few feet away with the gun in her hands. She and Knowle run back to the Hummer and get in. Skinner speeds off. Knowle looks out the back window and sees the aliens taking the little girl he tried to save.

Go back!

It’s a war zone back there.

He won’t turn this Hummer around for anyone or anything. Knowle turns to face him.

Go back! She needs our help!

Skinner doesn’t respond he just keeps speeding away.

As someone higher ranked than you,
I order you to turn around!

He’s pissed.

She’s as good as gone. (beat)
And do you really think your
rank means shit out here?

Knowle gives him a glare and turns back around to look back at where he last saw the girl. She’s gone. The aliens are gone.

Knowle can’t believe Skinner would just leave someone behind. Would he do the same to him? To Scully? He lets out a sigh, holding back what he feels. He couldn’t save that little girl, no matter how hard he tired. What the fuck do they want with her anyway? She can’t be more than three years old. She’s an innocent life who shouldn’t go through whatever they do to the people they’ve taken.

He turns around, having collected himself. He sees Scully. She’s watching him. Why the hell did she go back for him?

(not happy)
Don’t you ever risk your life
for mine again. Ever.

She doesn’t say anything to him. She can see he’s upset. She’ll never leave anyone behind. That’s why she went back for him, to help him.

Your life isn’t worth losing for mine.

He looks away from her and rubs his forehead with his hand. He can feel his body in shock from the attack. He’s cold, but won’t say anything. He can over come it.

(after a beat)
Don’t ever ask me to leave you behind
because you think you're not worth the
risk. (beat) I’d never leave anyone
behind, Knowle.

She turns around to retrieve a bottle of water from the back. She opens it and hands it to him. She can tell he’s fighting away shock.

(stern, doctor-like)
Drink this.

He takes it without looking at her.

We need to fall back. Head south
a bit. Get out of the city.

He’s back in war mode, shutting out what he feels, the little girl that was taken, and everything that happened. He has to shut down so he can think clearly.

He sits quietly, starring straight ahead.




Monica sits alone, starring forward. The sun shines down on her. It’s a beautiful June 11th. She watches Brad and Robert cook meat over a fire they started.

She hasn’t spoken since last night when they escaped the aliens. She wanted to, but she can’t. She feels shut down against her will. Unable to communicate. Unable to go under and try to locate anyone.

She’s heard Brad tell Robert she was probably dreaming and only dreamt that she saw people dying. But that’s not true. It can’t be. She took herself under the way her Grandmama had taught her. She was connected to them – to Knowle. There’s no doubt in her mind that he, and everyone else is dead. Her mind keeps replaying the vision.

She wishes she could talk this out with Brad or Robert, but she can’t. She feels lifeless, but still alive. Every time she tries to talk something is blocking her. Something out of her control. She looks over at her bag and opens it, retrieving the rock her Grandmama gave her. The strange markings puzzle her. It’s a mystery to her. Grandmama said this rock was important. She felt the aliens wanted it. But why? Why does it feel so important?

It’s a strange feeling she gets now that she looks at it. She feels a close connection to it. Perhaps it is the reason she has shut down.

Brad comes over to her with some food and water.

You should eat.

She looks into his eyes. He has no idea she’s been prevented from talking. He has no idea she feels something has a hold on her. What’s happening to her? Why can’t she communicate?

Can you eat?

He’s worried for her. She hasn’t moved a lot and could still be in shock from what happened last night. She can’t respond.

I’ll help you.

He smiles at her and she just watches him.

You’re going to be all right.
You’re just in shock right now.

He brushes a strand of hair off her face and places it behind her ear. He leans in and gives her a kiss on the forehead, and off Brad not having the slightest idea what is going on with her, we...




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