"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series - Season Eight


Review By: Gothic Spook

"I'm taking her out tonight and I'm going to ask her to marry me." - John Doggett

Will he? Won't he? Does he? Doesn't he? Does he drop a fork on the floor? I bet you all want to know! Well I''m not telling! You all have to read the episode!

Someone from Dana's past comes back... who will it be?

Heartache for both Monica and Brad. Brad has too much work to do and Monica is very upset. Lies start being told!

8x05 "Chance"

Title: "Chance"
Written by: Cassie
Date: April 11, 2005; July 30-31, 2005; August 1-3, 2005; August 6-7, 2005
Air Date: October 3, 2005
Rating: PG-13
Series: FRVS - Episode #153
Spoilers: Past episodes of FRVS may be spoiled.
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Author's Note: The personalities of the characters within the world of "Fox & Rat" are not those you know from "The X-Files" television series. We have warped them and given them a common past, immature behavior and a sense of humor. Any horrid behavior should not be mimicked in your every day life.
Summary: Doggett’s plans for the perfect romantic evening are ruined by a type of ex-boyfriend of Scully’s.



JULY 22, 2005 – FRIDAY

Mulder is not in his office yet, but agents Doggett and Scully are already seated at the conference table. Each of them has a file folder on the table in front of them.

So… a 10:13 meeting…

Because of his October 13th birthday.

That’s strange.

Not as strange as it could be.
(beat) Have you seen Monica this morning?

No. I kind of figured she’s off in
her own little world of psychic
visions and voices in her head to
find a X-File case to present to Mulder.

John… that’s not very nice. You
know Monica doesn’t like when we
talk about that.

Doggett checks his wristwatch.

Scully sighs.

You don’t have any plans
tonight, do you?


How about I take you out to a
nice restaurant for dinner?

What time?

I can pick you up around 6:30.

How nice of a restaurant?

Wear a nice dress.

Doggett smiles at her just as A.D. Mulder enters the office.

Good morning, agents.

Good morning.

Morning, sir.

Mulder sits down at the head of the conference table.

Do you all have cases to present?
(beat) Where’s agent Reyes?

I haven’t seen her yet this morning.

Mulder looks at John, he has no explanation either.
I guess we’ll continue without
her. Who wants to go first?

Scully opens her file folder.

Large animal tracks were found
in a remote area of a forest in
northeastern Oregon. Several reports
of campers seeing what they describe
as “Big Foot” have been reported
to local authorities.

And why do you think this is
something the Bureau should
spend money on to investigate?

Scully looks at him blankly. She thought for sure the words “Big Foot” would have him giving instant approval for them to investigate the case.

Mulder, I… um…

Agent Doggett?

Doggett clears his throat and opens his file. We see a picture of Bob Harvey.
Assistant Director, I believe it is
important for us to follow up on Robert
Harvey. A pedophile who lied to federal
agents in order to ensure that the murderer
of a young boy could walk the streets as
a free man. (beat) Harvey used the Federal
Witness Protection Program in order to flee
as well. It’s important that we focus our
efforts on bringing in Harvey to get to the
bottom of this murder case. To bring these
criminals to justice.

Mulder and Scully share a look.

Agent Doggett, I know how much that
case means to you, but it does not
qualify as a X-File. I cannot authorize
that as a X-File assignment.

Doggett is heartbroken.

I’m sorry agent Doggett, but you know
that the case is in the hands of
the U.S. Marshalls.

Doggett slowly closes his file folder. He knows that the Harvey case is not a high priority for the U.S. Marshalls. He looks at Scully, she gives him a sympathetic look.

There’s a knock on the office door and it opens. Monica Reyes comes into the office.

Sorry I’m late, sir.

Didn’t miss much. Both agents Scully
and Doggett have not presented me
with possible X-Files cases. I hope
you are an exception.

Monica sits down next to Doggett. She looks at him, reading his mind.

(to John)
Don’t worry about it, John.
Eventually all evil gets justice.
(beat / to Mulder)
Sir, I regret to say that I have
no cases to present today.

Scully looks at Monica. She seems hurried today as if work is the last thing on her mind.
Well, if that’s all you three have,
I want you to be better prepared
for our next meeting and in the meantime
I’d like you to focus on cleaning up the
basement offices. I plan on having some
renovations done down there. (beat)
You’re dismissed.

Scully, Doggett, and Monica stand. Scully and Doggett head to the door.

Assistant Director, may I speak
to you for a moment?

Mulder looks at Doggett and Scully and they leave. The close the door behind them. They head to the elevator. Scully presses the button for the basement. She looks at John. It seems there’s a lot on his mind.

John? You ok?

Huh? (beat) Yeah, I’m ok.
Just have a lot on my mind.

The elevator opens and they enter. The doors close.
Need to talk?

Doggett lets out a sigh.
I’m still bothered, obviously, by
the fact Bob Harvey is out there
somewhere, knowing who killed my
son, and there’s not a damn thing
we can do about it.

Scully touches John’s arm.

Don’t keep letting that get you
down, John, it’ll only hold you back.

I’ve been telling myself that for years.

And look at how far you’ve come.

Scully looks up into his eyes.

Doggett returns her look. He knows he’s come a long way since his son, Luke, died in August of 1993.

I know. I just want to be able to
let go without wondering where the
man is that hurt my son.

The elevator door opens and they step out and head to their office. Once there, John flips on the lights.

You think the renovations Mulder
mentioned include finding a way
to add windows down here?

I hope the renovation means that
we’ll be moved to an office on a higher floor.

Maybe we’ll get a permanent office
on the third floor.

Doggett sits down at his desk.
Yeah. That’d be the day.

Scully gives him a look that says she agrees with that statement. She walks behind her desk, gliding her fingertips on its surface. She’s still so proud and happy about having her very own desk.

She sits down and smiles.

I should run home and get my camera.


To take a picture of you behind
that desk of yours.

Holding my nameplate of course.

I’ll do that on our lunch hour.

Mind if I join you for lunch?
Your place beats the cafeteria any day.

Fine by me. (beat) So where do
we start cleaning?

Get rid of junk we don’t need,
I suppose. And if there are
any big bugs, you’ll squish them.

You’re scared of bugs?
(beat) Who would’ve known…

John, your forgetting that Mulder
and Krycek used to work down here.
Imagine how much food they left out
and what that’s attracted. Ew.

Yeah (laughs) In the other office.
Monica’s office.

Scully laughs too, though she knows it’s not nice to laugh about how Monica is in the office most likely to have big bugs.

Speaking of Monica… what do you
think she wanted to talk to Mulder about?

I don’t know. Probably about some
mumbo-jumbo case she wants to look into.

I hope not… just because you and I
are more skeptical doesn’t mean we
can’t investigate those kinds of cases.

You’d think being more narrow-minded
would be preferred on the cases we investigate.

Scully gives him a look and stands up.
I’ll go get some boxes and we
can start boxing things up that
we don’t need down here.

She leaves the office and Doggett lets out a sigh.



Brad is behind his des, talking on the phone with the Assistant Director In Charge of the New York field office.

(on phone)
I understand that you have a problem, but
I don’t have any extra OPR agents to come
up there to deal with this matter immediately.
(beat) Yes, I’m the only agent that Headquarters
has assigned to OPR at the moment. I’ve got
a good handful of other matters to attend to
and I can come up to New York next week to deal
with your agents. Until then if you’re that
concerned about them, put them on suspension with pay.

The door to Brad’s office opens and Monica steps in quietly. She shuts the door behind her.
(on phone)
Thank you for your understanding.

Brad hangs up the phone and looks at Monica. She sits down in a chair across from him.

How can I help you?

You already know this is nothing
about anything I need from OPR.

She’s slightly annoyed that he thinks one thing then says another.

Monica if you came here to play
psychic, I’ve got a lot of work
to catch up on. Ted didn’t exactly
deal with any OPR cases while he
was in here last year.

Mulder and I are heading out of
town this afternoon, we have a
case to look into out in Wyoming.
It should be a quick one to solve.
Mulder says we should be back by tomorrow evening.

It’s good to hear that Mulder’s
getting you guys some cases. Are
agents Doggett and Scully going too?

No. He assigned them to cleaning up
the basement offices. Apparently he
plans on having some renovations done.

That basement does need a face lift.

Brad smiles.

Can’t she tell that I have a ton of work to catch up on here? We can chit chat later when we’re not on the clock.

Monica forces a smile back at Brad even though it hurts her… what he’s thinking.

Anyway, I can see you’re busy.
I’ll leave you alone.

She stands up and walks to the door.
I’ll see you when you get back.

Monica smiles – forcibly – again and leaves the office without another word to Brad.

This is driving her crazy. Off and on hearing everyone’s thoughts. She knows if she took the medication that John Montgomery prescribed her that it would all go away, but if she can’t control it on her own, how is she supposed to deal with her gift once the aliens come to colonize next year? She has to be able to go on without medication.

She wishes that she could be with people who don’t’ know what she’s been through and the resulting gift she’s been cursed with because of it. If she could only be with someone who doesn’t know anything, she could live life normally and not be a constant burden to Brad and to her other friends.

Monica takes the elevator to the parking garage. The door opens at parking level and she takes out her cell phone and calls the X-Files office.

(on phone)
John, it’s Monica. I just
wanted to let you and Dana
know that I’m heading out of
town on a case with Mulder.
(beat) Yeah, you and Dana are
stuck with clean up.

Monica laughs. She takes out the keys to her car and gets in.
(on phone)
Yeah, ok. I’ll see you when I get back.

She hangs up the phone and sets it down as she puts on her safety belt.

She picks up her cell phone again and dials a number. She holds the phone to her ear.

(on phone)
Room 237 please. (beat) Thank you.

Monica checks her reflection in the mirror and fixes a stray strand of hair.
(on phone)
Hi, it’s me. I just wanted to let
you know I got permission from my
superior to take the day off to come
see you. (beat / laughs) I know, it was
nice of him to do that.

Monica pulls out of her parking spot and heads out of the parking garage, passing a little Pretzel Stand near the front of the FBI building. The stand is run by no other than Alex Krycek. Monica doesn’t notice him, she drives off.
Pretzels! Pretzels! Get your
FBI approved pretzels here!

Walter Skinner exits the FBI building and heads toward the Pretzel Stand. He pulls out his wallet from his pants pocket.

Hey Alex! I see you haven’t
strayed too far from the Bureau.

It’s a better gig than selling
not-for-individual-sale candy bars.

I kind of liked that.

I bet you did, pudgy.

Pretzels are healthier anyway.
(beat) I’ll have one with salt.

Krycek smiles devilishly and prepares a very heavily salted pretzel for Skinner. After a minute he hands Skinner the pretzel.
That’ll be twenty bucks please.

Skinner gives him a look.

Twenty dollars? A bit expensive isn’t it?

They’re pretzels imported from
Zimbabwe. (beat) They’re the best.

Well if you say so.

Skinner hands him a twenty dollar bill.
I’ll see you later.

Krycek smirks as Skinner walks away. He watches with an evil twinkle in his eye as Skinner takes a big juicy bite into the salted pretzel, the very next second, Skinner spits out the pretzel and has a horrified expression on his face. He looks angrily at Krycek and quickly makes his way back to the Pretzel Stand.

Krycek quickly puts up a CLOSED sign and smiles smugly at Skinner.

Alex! You put too much
salt on this.

Sorry, you’ll have to come
back later. We’re closed.

Krycek looks away from Skinner and makes himself a perfectly salted pretzel. He smiles at Skinner and sinks his teeth into it.
Ok. You want to play games.

Skinner throws his pretzel in the garbage can next to the Pretzel Stand, and he pulls out a small pocket-sized notebook and a pen. He jots down the phone number on the front of the stand.
What are you doing?

Skinner smiles.

Skinner puts the notebook back in his coat pocket and walks away.

Krycek eyes him carefully. What is Shiny Top up to now?



Monica Reyes gets off the hospital elevator on the second floor and heads to the nurses station.

May I help you?

I was just wondering if doctors
Are letting Robert Comer have visitors yet.

Are you the one who called here earlier?

I suppose.

You sure brightened up Robert’s day.
He couldn’t stop smiling and talking
about how wonderful you are.

Are you sure it was me he
was smiling about?

Monica doesn’t believe very often anymore that she makes anyone happy.
Then it was you he was
smiling about. (beat)
He’s in room 237.

Monica smiles and heads down the hall to Room 237. She knocks on the door and pokes her head in.

Robert Comer is laying in a bed, wearing a hospital gown. He turns his head to smile at her.
Hey, Mon’. Good seeing you here.

Monica steps into the room and stands at his bedside.

Got yourself in some trouble I see.

Just a little. (beat) Wanna
see the bandage?

That’s all right. I’ve been in
the field long enough to have
seen a great variety of wounds.

Monica smiles at him.
Pull up a chair. Make
yourself comfortable.

The hospital room hums in silence as Monica pulls a chair up next to Comer’s bedside.

Haven’t seen you since last month…
how’re you holding up?

I’m all right, I guess.
(beat) Some things could be better.

Monica lowers her eyes. She feels Comer’s hand reach out and touch her shoulder. She looks up at him and sees the love that he still has for her in his eyes.
Hey… (beat) I know that look
in your eyes, Moni…

Monica sighs. He was always very good at reading her emotions.
It’s just the stress of life
getting to me, that’s all.

She doesn’t want to tell him about her ability to read minds, or the strange way she found a case back in June. She’d rather he not know any of that.
If I hadn’t been shot in
the shoulder I’d offer to
give you a nice shoulder massage.

Monica smiles – that’s something that’s slipped Brad’s mind lately as he now has so much more work to do than before he was in OPR.
Thanks anyway… thoughts are
what matter the most.

He looks at her quizzically. What does she mean by that?

Plus, if I focus –

- Your energies you’ll be able
to relax as if you’ve had a massage.

Robert Comer finishes her sentence. Monica smiles.

Wow… after all this time-

I can still finish your sentences.

It’s been a little over four years since Monica left New Orleans and Robert Comer.
(more serious)
Monica… I know we’ve been avoiding
the subject since New Mexico, but…

Comer looks down, he’s unsure of how to bring this up.

You want to know why I left
New Orleans without a word.

Yeah… I mean our wedding was two
weeks away. We were about to buy
a house… at first I figured it was
cold feet but days went by and then
I found your note and…

His voice trails off indicating how much her leaving and not marrying him had hurt him and still does.
You know how I get feelings?

Comer nods his head.

The closer and closer our
wedding became, the more and
more I had this feeling that
something wasn’t right. I can’t
tell you what it was, but my gut
feeling told me not to go through
with it no matter how much I loved you.

You could have come to me about
your concerns. (beat) We could
have talked through it.

I know, but I’m weird about the
feelings I have. I always follow them.

And have they really always led
you down the right path?


What about Brad Follmer?

What about Brad?

Back in New Orleans you told
me you left him because his
work was more important to him
than you. (beat) And now here
you are engaged to him.

Things are different now between
Brad and I.

Monica lowers her eyes, she knows it doesn’t feel that way right now, but before the events of last year and her return from the Facility things were so much better between her and Brad in comparison to when they were together up in New York.

Comer watches her. He sees that things aren’t the way Monica has said they are.

All I ever want is for you
to be happy, and I can see
that Brad’s made you very happy.

Monica forces a smile. She’s not very happy with Brad right now. As she said before some things could be better. She was referring to her and Brad’s relationship.

Our wedding is in about four months.

I know, I got the invitation last
week. Didn’t get around to RSVP
due to that UC case I was involved in.

Well, I’ll consider this your RSVP then.

She smiles sincerely at him.

Picked out your dress yet?

Not yet. Though Dana thinks I should
look into getting a Vera Wang.

No idea what a Vera Wang is.

She’s a fashion designer, most
famous for her bridal collection.
(smiles) She also has designed
outfits for Michelle Kwan.

Comer smiles.

I hear Kwan wants to try out
for the Olympic team this upcoming year.

Yeah, she is. I hope she wins
a tenth national title on her
way to Torino. (beat) That would
be a record breaker you know. No
one in ladies figure skating in the
U.S. has ever won ten titles, she’s
tied right now with nine titles with
Maribel Vinson Owen. The last title
Maribel won was back in 1933. It’s been
that long since any skater in the U.S.
has dominated that long.

I have no idea what you’re talking
about. I just remember that Michelle’s your favorite.

Monica smiles. It’s nice that he remembers such little things about what she likes.



John and Dana are sitting on the couch, eating sandwiches for lunch. They’re watching a soap opera on TV, they’re not paying any attention to it though. Doggett finishes his sandwich and stands up to go wash his hands in the kitchen.

(mouth full of food)
Could you get me a glass of
milk while you’re up?

Scully swallows her food and kicks off her shoes and stretches her legs out on the couch.

Doggett comes back in the room and puts a glass of milk down on a coaster on the coffee table.

Scully bends her knees to give him room on the couch. He takes a seat. He reaches out and takes hold of her feet and pulls them up onto his lap. He rubs his hand and fingertips on her ankles.

Scully smiles. That feels good.

Doggett begins massaging the bottom of her feet with his thumb, kneading the muscle.


He looks at her and smiles.


What are you doing?

Giving you a foot massage, sweetheart.

Scully’s face brightens with happiness. He called her “sweetheart”.

It feels good.

I can feel how tight your
muscles are. Perhaps tonight
after dinner I can dedicate
all my time to loosening you up.

John! I can’t believe you want
me to be a loose woman…

He looks up at her, grinning.
That was a bad joke, Dana.

He shakes his head and quietly chuckles.
It still got a laugh out of you, didn’t it?

Scully reaches over and drinks her glass of milk. She sets the glass back down and sinks into the couch, enjoying this mid-day relaxation.

She and John are quiet for a few minutes.

Scully closes her eyes and slowly exhales, easing any tension in her body.

What are you thinking?

About how nice it is right now.
I’ve never felt so at ease with
anyone before. (beat) It’s nice.

Doggett checks his wristwatch: 12:25 P.M.

Unfortunately, this moment can’t
last forever. We need to leave
in five minutes.

Doesn’t matter, I’m going to hold
you to what you said before about
loosening me up later tonight. (beat)
I need to go freshen up before we head out.

Doggett stops rubbing her feet and she stands up and goes into the downstairs bathroom. Doggett smiles and stands up. He takes her empty drinking glass into the kitchen and rinses it out and puts it in the dishwasher.

He walks over to his computer desk in the dining room and sits down. He opens a desk drawer and retrieves a small ivory velvet box. He opens it and looks at a beautiful diamond ring inside.

He smiles to himself and closes the box and puts it in his coat pocket. He looks around the dining room. It needs a dining table, family sized. The pictures he has out in frames leaning against the walls… A woman’s touch is just what his house needs. He knows he’s ready to leave the bachelor’s life behind him.

He sees Scully enter the living room and sit down on the couch. She slips on her high heel shoes.

John? Do you have any rubber bands?

She walks into the dining room and sees him by the computer.
Checking your email?

He hands her a rubber band.
No, just sitting here thinking
about how my place could use
a woman’s touch.

Scully walks into the kitchen and finds flour in a cabinet.
Are you asking me if I’d like
to help you redecorate?

John walks into the kitchen just as Scully takes a handful of flour and puts the rubber band in it.

John raises an eyebrow.

I was thinking about dining
tables and… what are you doing?


On what?

Well, it’s hot out today. I want
to put my hair up but you don’t
have any elastic bands for hair.
So… I thought maybe pulling a regular
rubber band in flour would make it
easier to remove later on.

Scully takes the flour-covered band out of her hand and sets it on the counter.
Make sure to wash the flour from
your hands before touching your
hair, I don’t want you thinking
your hair’s losing color or something.

Scully turns on the water and washes her hands. She turns it off and dries her hands on a towel.

It’s dyed.

Your hair?

Yeah, it’s not really this fire-y
red. It’s brownish red.

Scully pulls her hair up into a high ponytail and wraps the rubber band around it.

Am I cute or am I cute?

You always are.

He kisses her on the cheek.

We better get going, we’re already
running a little late.

Yeah, late to cleaning up the office.

They walk to the front door, step out of his house. Doggett locks up behind them and runs his hand past the pocket the ring box is on, just to make sure it’s still there.

So where is Buddy?

He’s gone and dug himself a hole
under the fence in the backyard.
He likes to visit my neighbor,
Mr. Lee, when I’m not home.

I don’t think I’ve met Mr. Lee.

He’s a great guy, retired. His
wife passed away last year when
they were visiting his family in South Korea.

That’s sad.

They get into John’s truck.

He’s content. He told me after his
wife died that he was happy that she
had lived a full life and that they
made each other happy. He knew it was
her time to go.

Well, he sounds pretty optimistic.

Doggett backs the truck out of the driveway and they head back to the FBI for the rest of the work day.



Since it’s such a nice day outside, John decided to park his truck a couple blocks away from the Bureau so he and Dana could enjoy a walk back to work. They walk holding hands.

As they approach the building they see a crowd of people gathered around the Pretzel Stand. They make their way into the crowd and find Skinner who stands, watching what is unfolding before them.

Scully taps Skinner’s shoulder.

Hey, what’s going on?

Skinner looks down at her and smiles.
Hey, Dana… I think Krycek is going
to get fired from the Pretzel Stand.

Skinner laughs.

That’s not really funny.
Alex needs a job.

I called his boss because
he over-salted my pretzel
and then closed the stand.

I don’t remember there ever
being a pretzel stand right
outside the J. Edgar Hoover building.

I think Alex moved the stand
here just to be close to the Bureau.

That is so not fair!
You can’t fire me!

Everyone’s attention returns to Krycek and his boss. The boss is a younger man.

You’ve been eating all the
pretzels that you’re supposed
to be selling. And you’re not
paying for them!

You can’t boss me around, old man!

Old? You consider twenty-four old?

Krycek’s jaw drops, his boss is younger than he is!

I don’t have to listen to
you, baby face.

Oh really?

Yeah, really.

I guess I can magically
lose your last paycheck.

Krycek gets up in his boss’s face.

I dare you to.

Ok. I accept your dare. (beat)
Now get out of here, you’re fired.

The young boss makes his way through the crowd that gathered around the Pretzel Stand. He looks confused that so many FBI agents are amused by this.

Once the boss leaves everyone turns their eyes on Krycek.


Krycek eyes Skinner.

Skinner looks at Scully and Doggett.

Well I had better be heading
back to work. See you two later.

Skinner bends down and gives Scully a little kiss on the cheek and walks off. Doggett raises an eyebrow. Scully watches Skinner go with a curious expression on her face.

What was that about?

I don’t know.

He still likes or loves you, doesn’t he?

Considering some of his posts
on Goofy Spooky… I’d say he still
would like to be with me. (beat)
I hope he gets over it soon.

Well, I think pretty soon he’ll
know for certain that you’ll
never be with him again.

Doggett gives Scully a kiss on the cheek and smiles at her.

Yeah, I’m dating you. You’d
think that’s be enough for him.

Ahh… there can be more…

He winks at her and walks towards the building.

What do you mean by that?

John opens the building door for her and smiles.


INT. ICE RINK – 2:10 P.M.

There are seven people skating on the ice this afternoon. One of them is Marita. She’s wearing black skating pants and a pink sports tank top. Her hair is in pigtails. She is very concentrated on intricate footwork.

Krycek steps out onto the ice, with black figure skates on. He approaches Marita, she doesn’t notice.

Hey Marita.

Marita turns around.

Alex? What are you doing here
so early? I thought you got off at three.

I got fired, don’t ask why.

Marita hugs him.
I was thinking I could
work here at the rink that
way we could get free ice time
to train for the Olympics.

Marita pulls away from him.

No need to do that, remember
my daddy pays for our ice time.
So since you’re here early why
don’t we work on the Choctaw
step sequence in the first
compulsory dance?

That’s the inside edge to the
inside edge, right?

No. It’s a back outside to a
back inside edge. Like this.

Marita demonstrates the Choctaw step.

I can’t believe we only have
about seven months to go before
the Olympic Games. I can’t wait
to get to Torino.

Nationals before the Olympics, Alex.
We have to get in one of the top
three spots at Nationals.

I know, I know…

Krycek skates up behind her and takes her in a dance hold.

So what made you want to ice dance?

Well, in mens skating a quad
jump is nearly a requirement to
win. That quad jump has taken out
a good handful of talented male
figure skaters. I think it should
be abolished. (beat) On three, from
the top. (beat) One, two, and three.

Marita and Krycek push off and practice the required steps of the compulsory dance pattern they wish to perfect in order to compete at next year’s Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.



Brad is sitting at his desk, reading through written complaints from the basement Janitor. He shakes his head. Some of these complaints are months old, from when Ted was supposed to deal with being in charge of the Office of Professional Responsibility. Thankfully most complaints are about Alex Krycek, and Alex Krycek is no longer employed by the FBI.

Brad impatiently looks at his wristwatch. The day is going by too slowly. He sighs. It’s not like he’s in a rush to get home, Monica is out of town on a case with Mulder so he has an empty apartment to look forward to.

He taps his pen on his desk, he could always show up at Kersh’s July Barbeque Bash.

There’s a knock on his office door.

Come in.

Doggett opens the door and shuts it. He walks to Brad’s desk and takes a seat in one of the chairs facing Brad. He pulls out a small jewelry box and opens it. Inside is a diamond ring. Brad looks up at John.

Lost and Found is down the hall.

It’s not Lost and Found, Brad,
I bought it for Dana.

Brad raises his eyebrows. Didn’t he and Monica recently talk to John about this?
I’m taking her out tonight
and I’m going to ask her to marry me.

Brad blinks his eyes.

Whatever happened to letting
your relationship grow?

It has in ways… I just, I have
this whole plan of how I’m going
to do it, and… Brad… it’s perfect.

Didn’t Monica tell you not to
have a whole scene planned out?

Well, yeah, but you know she
also told me I’d feel it in
my soul when it’s the right moment.

Brad takes the ring box from John. He takes the ring out and looks at it.
You got it engraved.

Doggett rubs the back of his neck. He didn’t really want anyone else other than Dana to read what he had engraved on the inside of the ring band.
Yeah, I did.

Brad hands the ring back to John, and he puts it back in its case. Brad smiles, if John Doggett has his heart set on this, nothing is going to stop him, and he can’t not feel happy for his friend. He smiles at John.

You’re going to make her
very happy, John. (beat)
Did she drop hints about
the kind of ring she’d like?

No. I went with what I think
she’d like, ya know, my gut feeling.

It’s nice.

Doggett places the ring box back in his pocket.
Out of curiosity, why’d you
decide on that engravement?

Doggett smiles and Brad knows that he’s not going to know the reason.

Doggett stands up.

I ought to get back downstairs
and help Dana finish cleaning
up the office. Mulder’s out on
a case. Dana and I don’t have any
assignment so Mulder assigned us
to cleaning up the basement.

Doggett heads to the door.

Let me know how it goes.

Doggett gives him a thumbs up and leaves. The smile not leaving his face. Tonight is going to be one of the best nights of his life.



Scully and Marita are sitting on the couch watching a television program on Animal Planet. Marita is in jean shorts and a blue tank top, her hair is up in a ponytail. Despite an exhausting practice at the ice rink, she’s very much awake and in a good mood.

Scully is more or less dressed for her date with John. She’s wearing a sleeveless white dress that goes a little higher than the top of her knee, her Winnie The Pooh slippers are on her feet and her hair rests nicely on her shoulders.

So Alex is out looking for
another job?

Yep. He says he wants to be
a gourmet chef now. I think
he’s looking for a restaurant
to work at.

Scully looks at the TV. There are dolphins swimming in a tank.

Dolphins are so cute.

The program cuts to commercial and Marita sighs.

Even though the story is
about a pregnant dolphin,
I can’t help but feel a slight
ping of jealousy. You know
what I mean?

Ugh! Scully does not want to talk about children and pregnancy. Not when she can’t have children of her own. She tries to respond to Marita without letting her feelings about this show.

The ticking of the biological clock?

Because of Dana’s tone, Marita thinks that maybe Scully isn’t interested in having a child someday.

You don’t want children one day?

Marita grins and nudges Scully with her shoulder.

You and John would have
beautiful children. You’ll
make a wonderful mother someday.

Scully lets out an uncomfortable cough, and she stands up, heading to the kitchen to escape the conversation. Marita is worried that she’s said something wrong. She stands up and follows Scully.

She enters the kitchen and Scully is fixing herself a bowl of cereal.

Dana… did I say something wrong?

Scully places both her hands on the counter and looks down, letting out a sigh.
I can’t have children, Marita.

Scully looks up at her.

But… didn’t you once have a daughter?

I did… but… Charles Spender had
a chip implanted in my neck that
can control my fertility. If I take
the chip out… (pause, sighs) do you
remember back about ten years ago when
I was diagnosed with cancer?

Marita nods her head, remembering how hard that had been for her and everyone in her life.
The cancer happened after I had
the chip removed. Charles helped
me back in ’97 by giving Mulder
another chip to put in my neck.
It brought my cancer into remission.

Scully takes a deep breath.
John Montgomery informed me that
he could re-program the chip so I
could get pregnant, only there’d
be a risk factor that I could
die as could my unborn child, because
of the chip’s technology. However,
if the chip were removed…

Scully closes her eyes to push back tears that threaten to fall. She takes a breath.
If it were removed, my biology
would return to normal, and I’d
be able to conceive a child, only
at the risk of my cancer coming
out of remission. I chose to keep
the chip in my neck, and not to
have John re-program it.

A tear falls from her eye.
I chose to live a full life
without the opportunity of
experiencing the joy of bringing
life into this world and watching
it grow. (beat) I mean… how am I
supposed to tell John that, you know?
He wants so badly to have a family again.

More tears fall down Scully’s face. Marita steps toward her.

I’m sorry, I had no idea.

Marita wraps her arms around Scully to comfort her. Scully rests her chin on Marita’s shoulder and closes her eyes. It’s nice to be this close to someone for comfort.
(soft, lying)
It’s no big deal, really, it isn’t.

There’s a knock at Scully’s front door.

Shit. That’s probably John.

Scully steps away from Marita, and wipes tears from her eyes.

Would you get the door?
I need to freshen up.


Marita waits for Scully to enter her room before answering the door. It’s Monica.

Dana, is it all right if I
crash here tonight? (beat) Oh,
Marita, hi. Is uh… Dana here?

Yeah. She’s in her room getting
ready for John to pick her up.
(beat) Come on in.

Marita lets Monica in and shuts the door behind them.

Aren’t you supposed to be out
of town on a case with Mulder?



Mulder is out investigating
something on his own. I only
told Brad that I was going with him.

Scully comes out of her room, now wearing white high heels to match her dress.


She isn’t on the case with Mulder.

Monica sits down on the couch.

Monica, honey, are you all right?


If you weren’t with Mulder all
day, where were you?

With a friend.

Which friend?

Robert Comer.

Scully doesn’t recognize the name.

I worked with him in New Orleans.
He got injured in the field and
is at St. Vincent’s Hospital.
I spent the day with him.

Scully eyes the overnight bag Monica has at her feet.

You’re not going home tonight?

Is it all right if I
stay here overnight?

Sure. (beat) Are you and
Brad all right?

Monica doesn’t say anything. Scully and Marita share a look.

There’s a knock on the door.

Mon’, that’s John. He’s taking
me out for dinner tonight. Make
yourself at home, and we’ll talk
when I get back, ok?

Marita sits down on the couch with Monica.

I’ll stay here until you get back.

Scully nods her head and grabs her purse. There’s another knock on her door. She checks her reflection in a mirror before opening the door. Doggett is holding a rose in his hand, he smiles at her.

This is for you.

Scully quickly steps out of her apartment and shuts the door. She wraps her arm through his and leads him out of her building.

Aren’t you going to put
this in a vase first?

Monica wasn’t out of town on a case.

They head down the stairs of the apartment building. Doggett is lost. What does Dana mean? Monica called him earlier to tell him she was going out on a case with Mulder. She wouldn’t lie to him, would she?

I think you’ve gone crazy, Dana.

Not crazy. Monica is upstairs
in my apartment right now.

They exit the apartment building. Scully points to Monica’s car which is parked on the street.
See. There’s her car.

They get to John’s truck, he unlocks the passenger side door and helps her in. A strange look on his face. He wonders what is going on with Monica.

Scully shuts the truck door and waits for John to get in before continuing. He gets in.

I think something big is going on.
I think maybe she’s having an affair.

What makes you think that?

Doggett starts his car and they head out to the restaurant.

She spent the entire day at
the hospital with a man she
used to work with in New Orleans.

So? Doesn’t mean she’s having
an affair.

I asked her if she and Brad
were all right and she didn’t
say anything. (beat) If she’s
not having an affair with this Comer
guy, why would she spend the
entire day with him?

Doggett glances at her.

She wants to stay the night
with me. She doesn’t want to
go home to Brad.

Can we talk about something else?

He can’t believe that his perfectly planned evening is going off in a way he hadn’t expected or wanted. He must get back to setting the proper mood to propose marriage to her.
Why? This is huge! Their
wedding is only four months away.

Scully gasps loudly and Doggett gives her a worried look.

Oh my God… Monica hasn’t asked
anyone to be her Maid of Honour yet…
what do you think that means?

Nothing. She’s just taking her time,
that’s all.

Has Brad asked anyone to be
his Best Man?

He has actually. He asked me
yesterday. I hadn’t gotten
around to telling you yet.


Scully is quiet for a few minutes, trying to figure out why Monica doesn’t want to be with Brad tonight. There’s no other reason except that she’s having an affair and is falling out of love with Brad.

Scully turns her head to say something to John, but she doesn’t. He’s too concentrated on driving on the highway.

After a few minutes, Doggett pulls into a parking lot at a nice French restaurant called “La Tour”. He turns his truck off and faces Scully. It’s obvious that she’s still thinking about Monica.

Dana… how about we forget
about this Monica thing while
we’re out, ok?

Scully looks at him and sees how much he wants to have a nice evening with her.

Scully reaches out and takes hold of his hand, assuring him that she’ll stop thinking about Brad and Monica. She smiles.

This place is described as being
a little slice of Paris fit snugly
into one little restaurant. I thought
since I couldn’t afford to fly us to
Paris for dinner, that this place
would be close enough.

Doggett gets out of the truck and goes around to open the door on her side. He takes her hand in his as she gets out.

(Monsieur Le Romantique)
Ma cherie, je t’invite au dîner
dans notre petite ville de Paris.

He places a kiss on top of her hand. Scully blushes, how romantic. They smile at each other.
And you said French was only
an extra-curricular activity…

Doggett winks at her and takes her arm in his and leads her into the restaurant.

Inside is very beautiful. French music plays quietly in the background, “La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf. The lights are dimmed and monuments of Paris are subtly painted on the walls. It is very elegant.

Doggett gives the Maître’D his name and they are lead to a small table against a back wall of the restaurant. The image of the Eiffel Tower is on the wall by their table.

There’s a lace table cloth on the table, and a vase with a pink rose and a red rose in it. The names “John & Dana” are printed on a reservation card that rests next to the vase.

John pulls a seat out for Dana and she takes her seat. The Maître’D hands them their menus.

A bottle of your best wine please.

The Maître’D nods his head and leaves them alone.

Scully looks around her, she’s pleasantly surprised by how nice this little restaurant is.

It’s not too crowded here tonight.
Why’d you reserve a table?

Not just any table.

Scully raises an eyebrow, what is that supposed to mean?

I asked them to seat us
next to the Eiffel Tower.

Doggett looks like there’s something more he wants to say, Scully waits.

Two years ago when we were in
Paris, I wanted to ask you out
on the Eiffel Tower, but that
didn’t happen.

Your fear of heights got
the better of you.

I wanted to be able to look back
at that time and be able to say
that “we’ll always have Paris”, like
in the movie “Casablanca”. (beat)
It was this whole big scene I had
planned out in my head and everything
went wrong after that. I was mad
at myself because I let my fear of heights
ruin my plans. I felt that I let us both down.

Scully reaches across the table and holds his hand.

I knew that’s what you wanted to do.
That’s why I told Walter I didn’t
want to get back together with him, and
asked him to send you over to talk to me.
(beat/hesitant) I was… a little disappointed about
the height thing, but looking back, I don’t
think I would have traded all the moments
after that led to you and me finally hooking up.

Scully looks away from him and giggles.

Especially that incident
with my Winnie The Pooh slipper.

Doggett smiles, remembering that moment. He’s happy that they’ve had light-hearted moments amongst all they have been through in the past year.
(more serious)
Or when I told you about why
I blamed myself for Luke’s
disappearance, or the things
that remind me of him.

Scully looks into John’s eyes and sees how much he appreciates the range of emotions they have shared with each other over the past five years.

The waiter brings them a bottle of wine and pours them both a glass. The waiter leaves.

So what are we drinking to?

She picks up her wine glass as does Doggett.

To where we’ve been, what we’ve
been through, how that’s all
led to you and I being together
and to where we’re headed.

Scully smiles, agreeing with his statement. They tap their wine glasses together and drink. They are quiet and listen to the sounds around them. Beautiful French music, soft humm of chatter elsewhere in the restaurant.

Doggett sets his wine glass down, he doesn’t want to drink anymore tonight. His cravings for an alcohol fix have been minimal the past few months and he doesn’t want to fall into an alcohol problem again.

This is probably a topic that he should bring up with Dana someday, she should know that he’s had problems with alcohol in the past.

Doggett reaches into his pocket and feels the ring box he’s carrying. There’s no better time than right now in this comfortable silence between them.

Scully takes a deep breath and sighs contentedly.

Doggett stands up and goes to her side and kneels down on one knee.

Scully’s eyes light up with excitement. She’s looking behind him at something we can’t see yet. She hasn’t noticed John bending down on one knee.

Oh my God!

Doggett smiles, glad that this has come as a surprise to her. He reaches out to hold her hands.

Before Doggett knows what’s happening, Scully is on her feet, running past him. He turns around just as Scully wraps her arms around Ed Jerse. Doggett wrinkles his forehead, who the hell is this?! And why has he shown up to ruin a perfect evening? Why is he interrupting his proposal of marriage to Dana?

Scully gives Ed a kiss on the cheek and hugs him again. Doggett’s mouth falls wide open. Ok, really, who the hell is this guy and why is Dana giving him a kiss on the cheek?! Doggett’s jaw closes and tightens, his face slightly turns red.

Scully takes hold of Ed’s hand and leads him over to John. They both look down at him, wondering why he’s kneeling on the ground.

John? What’re you doing?

Doggett stands up.
(let down)
I uh… I dropped something, that’s all.

He’s worried about how happy she looks now with this new guy at her side. He eyes Ed Jerse with a suspicious and concerned eye. Who is this guy? He’s dressed nicely, and doesn’t look to be here with anyone in particular.
John, this is Ed Jerse. (beat)
Ed, this is my boyfriend, John Doggett.

Ed extends his hand to shake John’s, and John gives him one hell of a strong, Marine-like handshake to show that he is the man in Dana’s life.

Nice to meet you. (beat)
I hope I don’t sound rude when
I ask how exactly do you know Dana?

Scully and Ed share a look and smile as if they have this big secret between them.

I hooked up with her for a
night several years back when
she was in Philadelphia.

Hooked up for a night?
As in dinner and a movie?

Doggett hopes beyond all hope that he’s correct and it’s nothing more. Though he knows that Dana was quite promiscuous in the past.

Not exactly.

(straight forward)
Ed was the best one-night
stand I ever had, John.

Doggett stares at her blankly, and blinks. What does he say to that. His girlfriend is talking to him about the best one-nighter she’s ever had!

Went to a crummy bar-

- Moped about life –

- Had too much to drink –

- Got a tattoo to make a statement –

- Went back to my place…

Scully blushes and she and Ed share another knowing look and smile.

Snowstorm, attending to a bleeding
tattoo, and one hell of a time on
the living room floor.

Doggett blinks, he wants to blow up at them for telling him that much detail, but no words come out of his mouth.

John, you don’t mind if he joins us,
do you? He got stood up tonight.
I don’t want his drive here to be
wasted time.

Doggett shrugs his shoulders. What does he care? His moment to propose marriage is long gone. Scully smiles and she sits back down at the table. Doggett sits as well, trying to relay his feelings about this to her through an intense look.

Ed pulls up a chair.

Have you ordered yet?

No. Not yet.

Then I guess my date couldn’t
have picked a better night and
time to stand me up, huh?

I couldn’t have planned
it better myself.

Doggett moodily picks up the menu and looks at it. So much for his perfect setting… again. First the failed attempt to ask her out on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, then the attempt last year to ask her out at Bella Flora’s when Brad was forced to join Super Buddies, and now this Ed complication. Paris and nice restaurants just don’t seem to like him.

Their waiter returns to their table and takes their orders.

So, Ed, still living in Philly?

No. I actually moved to
Alexandria a few months ago.

Oh my gosh! I have five friends
that live there too! Small world.

Doggett sneers at Ed, jealous of how happy it seems he’s made Dana. He takes another sip from his glass of wine. Maybe drinking a little more would be appropriate tonight. Scully glances at John, concerned about his unhappy body language.

Still with the FBI?

Yes, actually that’s how I met
John. He was assigned to my
division gosh… nearly six years ago.

She looks at John and smiles.

(to John)
So what attracted you to her?

She makes me happy. Made me
realize there’s more to life
than work. Nevermind the fact
that she’s the most beautiful
woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.

How long have you two been a couple?

Eight months.

Ed nods his head, looking at both John and Dana. An awkward silence falls upon them. No one knows what to say next. Scully coughs, feeling John’s jealousy radiating from him.

So, Ed, what brought you
out to Virginia?

New job. I’m working as
a technical specialist at
New Generation.

What’s that?

A computer programming company.

You’ll have to give me your new
phone number so I can call you the
next time I have a problem with my computer.

I can fix computer problems.

Scully and Ed look at John. He doesn’t come off as being very happy.

(quiet, to John)
Are you ok?


He shoots Ed a not-so-friendly look. Scully notices this.

Ed, would you excuse us please?

Scully stands up and takes hold of John’s arm and drags him across the restaurant and into the Ladies room.

Dana, I can’t be in here.

Scully lets go of his arm and lets out a heavy sigh. She shuts the door.

Talk to me, John.
What’s bothering you?

Doggett runs his hand through his hair, he wants to lie and say that nothing is bothering him, but he’s been quite obvious thus far about his mood.
You mean to tell me that
you don’t know?

Scully says nothing. She figures it’s Ed Jerse.

All I wanted was for you and I to
enjoy a romantic evening and now
a one-night stand buddy of yours
has joined us. (beat) I don’t appreciate that.

Do you want me to ask him to leave?

Don’t do that, it’d make me
come off as an asshole.

Scully rolls her eyes.

Plus his sudden appearance has
already ruined what plans I had in mind.

John… please don’t go alpha male
on me here. There’s no need for you
to express jealousy. Ed is a friend
of mine, not a close friend, but
still, just because I’m happy to see
him doesn’t mean he’s a threat to you and I, ok?

They are quiet for a beat. They hear a toilet flush and an old lady walks out of one of the stalls. She washes her hands at the sink. She does not acknowledge that John and Dana are there. Doggett scratches the back of his neck. The old lady leaves the restroom.

Once the restroom door shuts, Scully bursts out laughing, and Doggett can’t help but smile, that was pretty funny: arguing in the ladies room in a nice restaurant, not knowing someone was in one of the stalls hearing everything they said.

Dana, I’m sorry for being such
a dick. I should know better than
to be jealous of this guy because
you and I are doing good, right?

He lowers his head to look at her.

Right. (beat) Do you want me
to ask him to leave?

You don’t have to. I mean
he’s a friend you haven’t
seen in a long time.

Not since 1997, though we did
stay in contact for a few
years after that. I honestly
never thought I’d see him again.
I’m so surprised that he’s here.

I can tell.

He smiles at her.

So what did you drop?

What? Oh yeah, umm… dropped my fork.

They walk out of the ladies room. They see the old lady talking to her husband, she points at them.
You hadn’t even ordered your
meal and you were playing with
your fork?

They get back to their table and see that dinner has arrived. Ed hasn’t started to eat without them. Doggett and Scully sit down at the table. Doggett is much more relaxed now that he’s talked with Scully. He wishes he weren’t so overreactive.



Monica is pacing the living room, she’s on the phone with Brad. Marita is sitting Indian style on the couch.

(on phone)
Case is going good. We should
be back sometime tomorrow. (beat)
I know. I miss you too. (beat)
Ok, goodnight.

Monica turns off her cell phone and joins Marita on the couch.

So why are you lying to Brad?
Did you cheat on him with Robert Comer?

No. I would never do that to
Brad. (beat) I don’t know...
I-I just... it’s easier for me
to be around Robert than with
Brad right now.


Brad knows everything. He knows
what’s happened to me. He also
doesn’t understand what I’m going
through and it’s very difficult.

So, if you don’t mind me asking,
why is it that you feel more comfortable
around Robert than with Brad?

Monica lets out a sigh. She’s never spoken of New Orleans to anyone... until now...

I was very close to him when we
worked together in New Orleans.

That whole close partnership thing?

Not exactly... it went beyond
a professional relationship.

Marita lifts her eyebrows, she didn’t know that.

I left New York and went to New
Orleans for three years. During
those three years I didn’t talk
to anyone, except Knowle. Not even
John, and he’s my best friend.


Why what?

Why run away, why not talk to anyone?

It was easier that way. (beat) Brad
and I were very serious in New York.
He was also my superior, I mean, he
ran the New York office and it would’ve
ruined his career if it leaked out
he was involved with an agent under him.
Plus Brad was much more involved with his
work and career than he was with me at the
time. So I ran away without a word.

Marita listens, very intrigued with Monica and why she does the things she does.

So, I went to New Orleans and met
Robert. We started dating, then
we became very serious...

Monica lets out a sigh.

We got engaged to be married. My
family didn’t know about him. No
one I was close with growing up
knew about him. (beat) Then, the
date of our wedding came closer and
I left. (beat) Something didn’t
feel right to me. I don’t know exactly,
but something deep inside of me was telling
me to run away again. (beat) So I
came here.

Are you afraid of commitment?

I don’t know. I don’t think so...
but then when you look at my history...
Well... maybe I am. (beat) But I feel
ready for it, you know? I love Brad,
I can’t wait to spend the rest of my
life with him... But at the same time,
he knows everything and that makes it hard
for me to forget, and move on with what’s
happened to me.

Have you talked to him about this?

No. You’re the only one who knows now.

Marita nods her head.

Are you afraid that if you bring
any of this up with Brad that it’ll
make everything feel worse?



I don’t think he understands. (beat)
I’d rather just forget what happened.

Have you thought of running off with
Robert because he doesn’t know any of this?

Monica looks down at her hands.

(quietly, guiltily)
The thought crossed my mind today.

She looks up. She’s not proud that she considered that earlier when she was visiting Robert in the hospital.

Do you really think that would
be the best thing for you?

I don’t know. I don’t know about
anything any more. (beat) All I
know is that it would be easier to
just run away again... from everything.

I don’t think that would help you.
(beat) You need your support group.
Brad loves you and is there for you,
but how can he help you or understand
what you feel if you don’t talk to him?
(beat) Running off with Robert won’t solve
anything. You can’t move on in your life
if you hide what has happened. You need to face it.

Monica looks down with tears in her eyes.

(ashamed of her thoughts earlier)
I’m a horrible person, Marita. I lied
to Brad and spent the day with another
man. (beat) What kind of person does that?

You’re not a horrible person, Monica.
You’re just confused with everything.
(beat) You want to know what I think
you should do?

Monica nods her head and wipes her tears away.

Go home to Brad and tell him
the truth. The more he knows,
the more he can help you and
understand what you’re going through.

I don’t think I can do that tonight.
(beat) It might be too much for me
to deal with, you know? I feel awful.

It’s not like anything happened between
you and Robert. (beat) Right?

No, nothing happened. He’s in the
hospital, remember?

Monica smiles.

I don’t think he’s gotten over
me though. (beat) He was on that
case with Carlos back in May. I
just get the feeling he wants to
reconcile things with me. (beat)
I left him without a word when I
left New Orleans. He wants closure.

Monica nods her head.

Most important though... you and
Brad need closure. You need to go
home and talk to him, Monica. That's
the only way you and Brad will
come through and beat what's happened to you.

Monica looks at her, not thrilled about telling Brad she lied to him to spend the day with another man. But Marita is right. If she doesn’t tell Brad, there will be more issues that could ruin their relationship. Monica nods her head.



While Brad believes that Monica is out of town on a case with Mulder, Brad decided to call up his friends, Knowle Rohrer and Shannon McMahon, to come over to visit. They are all in the living room talking.

So Mon’ and I are finally
going to get married. When
are you two finally going to-

Shan’ and I are happy exactly
how we’ve been for the past
twenty-two years.

Knowle wraps his arm around Shannon’s shoulder and she forces a smile.

Right, Shan’?


Brad can see that Shannon is not quite on the same track as Knowle is in their relationship.

Uncomfortable silence embraces the room. Brad shouldn’t have brought up the topic of marriage. Knowle hates that topic. Brad wrinkles his brow, thinking of what to change the topic of discussion to. He’s saved by three excited knocks on the front door.

(stands up)
If you’ll excuse me for a moment.

Brad goes to the front door and opens it. It’s John and Dana. Dana looks extraordinarily giddy.

Hey you two… congratulations-

- Not sure what you’re
talking about, Brad.

Is Monica home? I want
her to meet someone.

No, she’s –

- Oh right! I completely forgot
she’s at my apartment.

She’s at your apartment?

Yeah, she showed up right before-

Scully quickly covers her mouth. Whoops! She totally did not mean to tell Brad that. She was so excited about introducing Ed (the tattoo guy), that she forgot Monica was at her apartment and not home with Brad.

Knowle and Shannon walk towards them. Knowle looks disapprovingly at Scully. He hasn’t forgotten she was the woman who ordered Monica back to her cell at the Facility last year. He blames Scully for the condition Monica was in then and immediately after she returned earlier this year.

What’s red doing here? I would
think after all she did to Mon’
that she’d be forbidden from these premises.

Knowle walks right up to Scully, towering over her. He’s so tall. She looks up, tilting her head way back to look at him.


Knowle moves one inch closer to her, trying to intimidate her.

Knowle, Dana is a friend.
She’s welcome here.

Knowle likes to think he’s a
big, scary ogre sometimes.
He really wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Doggett gently takes hold of Scully’s arm and pulls her away from Knowle. He gives Knowle a look to tell him to back off. John stands in between the two of them.
(shouts down hall)
Ed! (beat, to Brad) I’d like
you to meet an old friend
of mine, Ed Jerse.

Ed makes his way to the front door of the apartment. He waves at everyone.


Ed, this is Brad. Brad, this is Ed.

The two men shake hands.

Nice to meet you.


This is John’s friend, Knowle and…

Scully looks at Shannon, she doesn’t know her. John finishes her sentence.
Shannon McMahon.

Ed shakes Knowle’s hand and then Shannon’s.

So Monica’s at your place?

Scully lowers her eyes from him and doesn’t say anything.

Dana thinks she’s cheatin’ on you-

- Mon’ would never do that.

Which I don’t believe either.

Ed feels out of place. He taps Scully on the shoulder and motions for her to go into the apartment hallway with him. She does.

Scully shuts closes the door to the apartment, leaving it open just a crack.

I just wanted to let you know that
I’m gonna head out. It was great
running into you tonight, really made my day.

Scully looks sad.

I understand. My crazy friends and
their crazy problems, huh? (beat) Look,
I’m sorry about the way John was acting
before. He’s… protective of me, and…
I don’t know maybe still a little
insecure in our relationship.

No need to apologize. I could
tell he didn’t mean to come off rude.

I guess I’ll never fully understand men.

Also, tell him I’m sorry if
I interrupted something.

Just dinner.

I think he’ll know what I mean.

Ed digs in his pocket and retrieves his keys.

Anyway, it was good seeing you
again. We’ll have to get together
sometime soon.

Scully goes up to him and gives him a hug.

You found yourself a great guy, Dana.

I know.

They pull out of their hug.

I’ll call you sometime
have you meet Monica.

Sounds like a plan.

He starts walking toward the elevator.


Ed waves his hand at her and gets in the elevator. It was nice running into him despite the fact John had taken her to a really nice French restaurant. She walks back to Brad’s apartment door which was left open a crack. She stops, hearing a part of the conversation inside.

(off screen)
And then Ed showed up and I
didn’t have the chance. I mean
my plans for the evening are ruined.

Scully bites her lower lip, feeling bad for not asking Ed to let them be when John had wanted a nice romantic evening for the two of them.

John, don’t let it bother you…

Scully enters the apartment.

… it’ll preoccupy your mind and
you won’t enjoy the present.

Scully goes up to John and wraps her arm around his arm. She leans against him gently, holding him. He looks down at her, feeling the warmth of her affections for him.

Everyone in the room looks at her, they wonder how much of the conversation she overheard. John had been talking about his intention to propose to her.

Johnny, why don’t we go back to
my place and you can… you know…
loosen me up like you promised.

Doggett clears his throat.

Looks like we’re heading out.
(beat) I’ll see you guys later.

Don’t loosen her up too much,
John. Don’t want her reeling
you into marriage by getting knocked up.


Scully looks at him, hurt that he’d say that about her. Shannon hits Knowle hard on the arm to let him know she doesn’t approve of his attitude towards John and Dana.

John and Dana turn to leave, but Scully turns to face Brad.

What are you going to
do about Monica?

I don’t know. I suppose I could
bring up the fact she lied to me.
Ask her why, but I’d rather she come
to me and tell me what she did and why.
I’m going to see when and if she ever
tells me about her little lie.

So I shouldn’t mention to her
that I accidentally told you she
is at my place?

Not unless she asks you.

Ok. (beat) Goodnight.
Oh and Shannon, it was nice
meeting you as brief as it was.

Nice meeting you too.

Dana and John leave and get into the elevator.

You think Brad’s doing the right thing?

Not sure. If it were me, I’d ask
Monica about it. I don’t like to
keep things in the dark. They say
communication is a good thing to have
in a relationship.

I want us to have that you know?
I feel we’ve got a good thing going
between us and I don’t want to let
it slip away.

Me too…

Though he really does wonder still what things Scully went through at the Facility other than testing or pretending to run tests on Monica. Dana’s gotten much better these past few months, but that doesn’t mean she’s over what happened to her.

Dana… can I ask why you refuse
to talk about what you went
through at that Facility?

I told you, I was forced to run
tests on Monica and prevent her
from remaining healthy. That’s all
that happened. Nothing else. I’m fine.

The elevator doors open at ground level.

They walk outside. John doesn’t know what to say to her. He doesn’t want to push her to talk about anything if she’s not ready, and he doesn’t want to upset her.

They get to his truck and he opens the passenger door for her and helps her in. He closes the door and walks around to the other side. He puts his hands in his coat pocket and feels the small velvet ring box. He figures he needs to hold off on asking her to marry him. If they were ready for that, they would both be able to share their problems with each other. There’s so much she doesn’t know about him – his experiences in the war and his alcoholism, and there’s so much he doesn’t know about her.

He figures Ed Jerse showing up was one of those “Monica” everything happens for a reason moments. He was not meant to propose tonight.

He gets into his truck, fastens his safety belt and starts the engine.

Ed wanted me to tell you that
he’s sorry he interrupted.

Well, we had a pretty good time
anyway once you talked to me in
the ladies room.

He smiles at her and pulls out into traffic.

You want to stay the night at
my place? (beat) I miss you
sometimes when I’m there alone.

I’d like to, but Monica is there
and I’m betting you two will
be up pretty late talking.

Scully smiles.

Maybe some other time, huh?
(beat) Plus Marita will probably
be there too… can you still come
in and give me that massage?

Of course.

They get onto the highway and head home to Falls Church.



The television is on the Lifetime network, all the lights in the apartment are off. A red light flashes on her answering machine.

The front door quietly opens and Scully and Doggett enter.

Monica? Marita?

Scully sees the red light flashing on her answering machine. She hits the play button to listen to the message. There’s nothing, just some light breathing and a hang up. Scully rolls her eyes. Must have been a prank caller.

She and John walk into the living room and see that Marita and Monica have fallen asleep on the couch. They are covered with blankets. Scully smiles.

Makes me feel like a mother.

Doggett stands behind her and wraps his arms around her. Her muscles tighten, she wasn’t expecting him to come up behind her like that. She feels soft kisses on the back of her neck. She breathes in and relaxes. She giggles quietly.

John, let’s go to my room, ok?

Loosen these muscles of yours.
It feels as if you haven’t
had a proper massage in years.

It’s been a couple years.

Well that explains a lot.

Yeah, but not the real reason why I tense up when I’m touched unexpectedly…

Monica opens her eyes upon hearing Scully’s thoughts. She barely lifts her head up just in time to see John and Dana enter the bedroom and shut the door behind them. Monica’s eyes well up with tears. She wishes she could be that close, that comfortable with Brad as Dana is with John.

She feels horrible for having lied to Brad about being out of town on a case. She’s worried about how – if she ever told him the truth – he would react. Would he be very angry with her? Would he accuse her of cheating? Would he call off their wedding?

Will Brad ever be able to handle what happened to her and what could happen to her the closer they get to the time of alien colonization?

She doesn’t know and is afraid to find out.

All she knows is that she loves Brad very much, and that she’s betrayed that love by not being honest with him.

Monica reaches out and grabs the remote control by the coffee table. She turns off the TV.

She lies back down, pulling the blankets up over her. She hears the thoughts of John and Dana in the other room.

She’s so tense under my touch… this is supposed to help her relax, but it’s doing just the opposite… why won’t you talk to me, Dana? You know you can trust me…

Monica squeezes her eyes shut. She hates being able to hear the thoughts of other people.

Breathe in, breathe out… it’s only John, Dana, come on, relax or he’s going to question you about the Facility again… he’ll never hurt me… but why am I so afraid to talk to him? He’d leave me if he knew what happened to me, that’s why.

Monica tries to block out their thoughts by covering her ears with her arms, but it does not work.

I wonder when the right time to ask her will be? I should carry the ring with me at all times, that way if the moment is right, I’ll be prepared.

Monica rolls onto her side, wishing the thoughts would stop.

Why is this more difficult with him? I thought I’d gotten past feeling this way after being raped… I hate myself for what I’ve been through…

Monica can’t block their thoughts no matter how hard she tries. She closes her eyes and does her best to fall asleep, worried about what she’s going to do about her little lie.





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