Episodes: Season Eleven

16 March 2017
We are excited to announce that "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series will be back this fall with Season 11, and a third movie! Right now we are looking at September 2017 for the premiere!

"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series originally ended a little over seven years ago, on 21 November 2009. Season 10 was intended to be the absolute final season of FRVS. We were struggling with writer's block, and burnout, and made the decision that "season 10" sounded like the perfect season to call it quits.

Over the years we have thrown around ideas of what an eleventh season would look like if we had continued FRVS in 2010. The upcoming Season 11 of FRVS will contain many of those ideas that we think work best within the world of FRVS. The third movie, which will take place after the season 11 finale, is a story we have wanted to do with FRVS since 1999, but never had a chance to manipulate this world to make it work in the previous ten seasons.

What can you know right now about FRVS Season 11?

- Main Characters: Fox Mulder, Alex Krycek, Dana Scully, John Doggett

- A new character from "The X-Files" 2016 Revival will join FRVS

- Season 11 will explore both the past, and present of FRVS

- Regular slew of both comedy and drama episodes

- There will be between 10-15 episodes

- There will be a cliffhanger leading into the 3rd FRVS movie

- No guest writers


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